Thank You Note Friday

I realize that last week I didn't write a thank you note post (I knew calling it a weekly feature was ambitious!) but I'm back! It's been a bit of a week- Alice has decided to go on another (albeit less dramatic) nap strike. She was doing so well with her naps and this week she's cried every time I've laid her down and will only sleep for 30 minutes max at a time. It's as delightful as you can imagine. Poor baby wakes up so grumpy (because she's still tired!) and it's tearing up my nerves a *tiny* bit so... keep that in mind as you read this. In other words, I want your sympathy. And I wouldn't turn down chocolate either.

-Thank you, my beloved full-length $5 Walmart mirror, for your noble service to my personal grooming and self-esteem for the past nine years. You were faithful from my college dorm room to our first house and everything in between. Known among friends and family as "the skinny mirror," you gave me many a needed if misguided boost when regular (more truthful) mirrors just didn't cut it. I may never look as good as I did in your reflection again, but you were a true gem. (If you're wondering why I would be so crazy as to throw out a mirror that made me look about twenty pounds thinner, the answer is that it was falling apart and a pretty big risk to my ever-exploring toddler. I figured that even my own vanity shouldn't come at the cost of Alice's safety, however painful it might be to let go. =)

-Thank you, TCM Classics Series, for bringing the most beloved movies to theaters around the country so we can experience them on the big screen. A couple weekends ago, Jonathan and I went to see Singin' in the Rain (celebrating its 65th anniversary!) and it was amazing. There's something so cool about watching one of your favorite movies with a group of strangers and experiencing it with other people, and Singin' in the Rain was just MADE for the big screen. Plus we were surrounded by cute old people who probably saw it when it actually came out, so that was fun. =) Of course it made me love Debbie Reynolds even more. RIP Debbie. =(

-Thank you, Trader Joes, for many things, but mostly your beautiful and cheap flowers (which I've enjoyed for a long time) and your cookie butter (which I just recently, belatedly discovered.) Seriously, TJ's flowers are the absolute best (and best price!) and if you've never had their cookie butter, well... maybe you shouldn't try it. It might be best to have loved and lost out on the cookie butter than to have never loved it at all. Isn't that how the quote goes? (Also, what do you eat it on? I've just been doing graham crackers but I know there are a ton of stuff people use it for. Do tell!)

-Thank you, Chick-fil-A, for doing free breakfast every week this month. I don't even really need the motivation to make yet another visit to the delicious haven you provide me from cooking (oops) but you lured me in with your free minis and biscuits. It's a hard life but someone has to live it. (Later we can talk about my near-clinical addiction to Chick-fil-A sauce but for now I'm fine. It's fine. Everything's fine. *drinks sauce from tub.*) ALSO thanks for hosting the cutest Daddy Daughter Date Night that went great for Jonathan and Alice until she became terrified of the cow and wept. (I'm a mean mama so I laughed really hard at that story.)

Before the cow trauma.

-Thank you, Disney Store, for coming out with an Alice in Wonderland line that simultaneously makes me discontent with my life and leads me to google ways to sell internal organs so I can buy every piece for my baby. I've decided for my own wellbeing and the health of my finances and marriage that no future children can have any Disney/literary inspired names ever again. But seriously, I want every single one of these. All of them. They're just perfect. Especially this one. (Can I justify half-birthday presents?)

-Thank you, blog friend, for a super cute FREE print that, with a new picture from Target and an M stolen from elsewhere in my house, created my new favorite corner right by the kitchen door. =) Also, it's become pretty apparent that my decorating philosophy is "when in doubt, add a monogram" and I'm not even mad about it. Find what works, right?? 

The cutest Madeline quote! I love it!

-Thank you, Melinda, my down-the-hall college friend, for finally, FINALLY being the first and probably only person in the history of my child's life who says she looks like me. You're a gem. And here's the thing- clearly it's not an insult or anything for people to say that Alice looks just like her daddy. She definitely does, and I happen to think he's a good-looking guy. But the way some people say it... "She's BEAUTIFUL! She looks nothing like you, you hideous troll!" "Oh, thanks." *hangs head in shame* I just happen to think she does look a little like me and it's nice that finally someone agrees. 

You see it, right? RIGHT? Don't everybody chime in at once. It's fine. No one thinks that. 

-Last but not least, and on a more serious note, BIG FAT HEARTFELT THANK YOU to EVERYONE who prayed for Luke! My sweet nephew spent two weeks in Intensive Care in the children's hospital in Atlanta, hooked up to high-level oxygen almost the entire time and fighting RSV and pneumonia. His poor little body had such a hard time healing but praise the Lord he was all to go home yesterday! Hundreds of people commented and said they were praying and our family appreciates you all so much. Seriously... social media gets a bad reputation (not for no reason) but when it comes to stuff like this I feel like all the lame, petty stuff is worth it. There's no way we would have been able to reach all the people who prayed for Luke without Facebook. So I'm thankful to you for praying and to Mr. Zuckerberg for giving us the opportunity to connect. =)

Sweetest little man ever. I can't even handle that face! So good to see it without all those yucky tubes! 

There you go, folks! Happy Friday! (Redundant, I know.) 


  1. I love Singin in the Rain so much it's the theme of Gracie's nursery! I'm so glad to hear your nephew is doing better! RSV is scary stuff.

  2. She is so darn cute, I can't get over it. Applause for you for throwing that mirror away...I love "skinny mirrors" ;)


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