A Day in the Life of Alice Juliet

Hello, adoring fans. I'll be taking over for my mama today; she works hard and deserves a break. And who better to tell you about me than... me?? Ready for a look at what goes on in the life of a 10-month-old (that's right- 10 months today!)? Now you can find out.

6:30 AM- Wake up. Look around, a little bewildered (for some reason I get very disoriented while I'm sleeping. Must be the dream where I'm eating unlimited handfuls of Puffs.) Anyway, I reach for the monitor (my new favorite toy) but... DENIED. Mama swoops in to snatch it away. But I forgive her because she picks me up too and kisses me all the way back to her room.

6:45 AM- Snuggle between Mama and Daddy. Daddy looks like he's still sleeping, so just to be nice I give his hair a good yank. I know he couldn't ask for a better wake up than that. He politely thanks me with a smile and rolls over (not so polite.) Mama's hair is longer and easier to grab, so I'll yank that next. Sharing is caring.

7:15 AM- Daddy takes me to change my diaper. It makes me sad that he has to go to work, but at least I'll be able to keep Mama awake for the next couple of hours! I know that's what she wants, NOT more sleep. In order to help her, I'll scratch her nose and shriek every few seconds for good measure. She looks more rested already.

8:26 AM- Wait a second, was I asleep all that time?? How did they trick me into that? Very clever, Mama, very clever. Unfortunately, it's too late for our breakfast plans (Chick-fil-a) but at least now I don't have to watch my parents eat chicken minis and long for the day when I can have some too. Instead, Daddy feeds me some applesauce (which I have every day- would it kill them to switch it up?) and some sweet potatoes. Then Mama feeds me and we jump in the car (still in my pajamas- I hope I don't see anyone I know!)

9:30 AM- Nap time. Mama knows I really hate naps but she is nice enough to rock me to sleep. I cry quite a bit because why sleep when you can play? But we listen to "Cheer Up Charlie" on repeat and I get really tired and zzzz.....

11 AM- Did I doze off again? So sorry. I'm back! Time to sit in the pack ''n' play while Mama reads. I've invented a game where I throw all my toys out on the floor and wait for her to put them back! It's so fun! And I win every time! That game doesn't get me in trouble like my other favorite, where I scrape my toys against the wall which I'm apparently "not allowed to do" because it could "scratch the paint."

12 PM- Lunch time. Mama feeds me squash and green beans, which are pretty tasty. I tell Mama that I'm done by spraying green spit all over the place. It's a way to communicate and make my favorite noise at the same time, but she doesn't seem to love it. Hmm. Maybe I'll try again later and see if she catches on. Sometimes it takes her a while...

12:30 PM- Back in the car to pick up Daddy. This time we make it to Chick-fil-A for lunch, which is pure torture. Mama and Daddy are chowing down on chicken that looks absolutely heavenly; meanwhile, I just ate what looked like snot for lunch. I mean, sure, it tasted good, and I know I don't have any teeth to chew the chicken up, but they could at least offer. Sometimes this baby thing is for the birds.

I'm smiling but I'm really wishing I could have a waffle fry.

1:30 PM- Back home. Mama nurses me and I play a little more. We FaceTime Papa and show him all my latest tricks (I don't want to brag, but I'm really good at clapping!) and I play with Mama for a little while. I have a few minutes of freedom (aka crawling in the living room- it's basically my Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil... forbidden fruit which makes it soooo tempting. All those surfaces to climb and explore and chew?!) She senses that I'm in a great mood and decided to take my 10-month-pictures. That's fine, but getting changed makes me really mad, so....

2:00 PM- We pretty much go through this every month. How can she expect me to pose for a picture and just IGNORE the incredibly fascinating sticker she sticks on my shirt? I mean, I'm not a robot. Not to mention I have to leave my hair bow alone too? These expectations are just too much.

A little sympathy, please.

3:00 PM- After a long, emotional process, I finally fall asleep in my favorite place (on Mama, of course.) Basically I'm like Goldilocks and she is "just right." I know she feels bad about letting me fall asleep on her but I say if it ain't broke, don't fix it? Amirite?

Excuse my shirtlessness!

5:00 PM- Woah, crazy long nap! I never sleep that long but all that photo shoot drama really wore me out. Mama takes me into the kitchen for a little pre-dinner snack (a banana- meh, it's okay. I only spit out a little.) Then she nurses me before getting supper ready.

5:30/6:00 PM- Mama's fixing supper but she walks over to talk to me every little bit. We play with some Snapchat filters and play Peek-a-Boo. We sing "Be My Little Baby Bumblebee" which is HILARIOUS. I'm cracking up. Oh, and she keeps on "telling me a secret" which is really just blowing my ear but I fall for it EVERY time. Seriously, that woman is hilarious. She also gives me a book to read chew on and I get it good and soaked.

I look confused but I love this filter!

6:30 PM- Mama eats something that looks dreadful- for once I'm not jealous. (I heard her say that it's "whole wheat pasta" and that it's "healthier" but to me it looks like brown grass so no thanks.) My black beans with chicken mixed in is much more appealing. Spraying it out of my mouth does create quite an impressive display of tar-colored spit, though.

6:45 PM- Daddy's home! Yay! No offense to Mama, but I really miss him all day. He eats some of the brown grass too (poor guy) and then takes me to play- we bounce on the bed and wrestle a little. Unfortunately, I quickly find myself "wrestled" back into my outfit from earlier. Are you kidding me, Dad? Pictures again?? #betrayal They must be pretty desperate for a good picture, because they are acting like crazy people trying to get me to smile. I love them, but really... have some respect for yourselves, folks.
7:00 PM- Ugh, glad that's over. Even if I have to be back in my car seat, at least I'm not having to pose for a picture and once more have that sticker kept out of my reach. All I want is to give it one good crumple. Anyway, we're on our way to Costco, so I'm sure I'll see some fascinating things there.

8:00 PM- Eh, Costco was okay, I guess. Mama looked at a bunch more "healthy" foods- I guess she's doing something called a "diet." I don't know what that is but I think it makes her hungry and a little grumpy. And I haven't seen her with a Dr. Pepper in like two weeks, which would explain her sadness. (I've never had any, but I hear Dr. Pepper is amazing.) The best part about the Costco run is that Daddy gave me some bites of chocolate frozen yogurt. Yum!

8:30 PM- I'm really tired and hungry (those black beans are a distant memory) so Daddy puts my pajamas on (isn't he sweet!) and we watch the Olympics for a few minutes while Mama gets ready to feed me. Daddy is pretty obsessed with the Olympics; I'm not really sure I get it, but it seems like the appropriate time to show off my clapping skills so that's cool.

9:00 PM- All fed, read to, and prayed with- so Mama says, "lights out, Alice!" And it's time for bed. I'm full, dry, warm, happy, and loved- what a time to be alive!  =)

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you've enjoyed this look at my day. Thanks for being friends with my Mama and reading her blog! =)

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  1. Absolutely a perfect start to my day. Loved living in a day in the life of sweet Alice. Hugs.


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