(Not) Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I've been known to wear a festive holiday shirt or two (like putting together red and green in all kinds of ways.) There's definitely a difference between festive and "ugly sweater" territory. BUT, fortunately for those of us who want to look festive but not like we just escaped from the North Pole, there are tons of super cute holiday sweaters, sweatshirts, and tshirts available all over the place! The only problem now is narrowing down which one to buy. =)

Since I am an enabler a good friend, I've rounded up a few of my favorites and put them all together just for you! (If you're a man, I'm sorry. But Target and Old Navy do have a lot of holiday shirts if you're interested. If you're like my husband, then you're not.) 

Now, granted, some of these are not strictly for Christmas... in fact, several of them could be worn throughout the winter. If you're like me, you don't want to spend money on something that can only be worn one month a year. (Unless you're like the lady on Santa Clause 2 and wear your Christmas charm bracelet all year "just to keep the spirit alive." Best scene ever.) And granted, I'm 25 and I may be a little old for some of these but I am nothing if not a child at heart so... let's see these are cute if not sophisticated. (For dressier festive options, check out Target's embellished sweaters!)

Christmas Graphics

1.. J.Crew Factory (they have so many cute options, but thanks to Papaw I have a soft spot for (rein)deer.)
2. Old Navy (a lot of their holiday graphics are sold out online but they're still available in-store!)

3. American Eagle (how cute is this polar bear? Even though they terrify me, I'll make an exception here.)

4. Aeropostale (I know, I'm not their target demographic anymore, but I wandered in the other day and this one spoke to me. Plus it has a slouchy fit so it won't look like it's designed for an 11-year-old.) 

5. eBay (There are tons of versions on eBay but I actually prefer this one from GroopDealz. I will never not love Home Alone!)

6. American Eagle (Just too perfect for Christmas, right?)

So if you're feeling especially festive (or childish, I suppose) then check these out. I'll probably break down and get at least one. (But I draw the line at clothes that light up. Looking at you, Gigi.)


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