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I am taking a breather from the most mind-numbingly dull task in the history of humankind (collating tests and quizzes) to talk about something far more interesting... clothes, of course. Also, these two outfits have nothing whatsoever to do with one another. They were chosen at random from this week's lineup (in other words, they are the only two outfits that I photographed.)

Seriously, have you ever collated tests? It is INSANELY boring. Like, I'm coming off the adrenaline rush of watching paint dry in comparison.

SO... the outfits. You've waited so patiently. 

Dress: Tarjay
Cardigan: Old Navy
Belt: Stolen from another Target dress
Wedges: I'll let you guess...

You know I've been known to mix patterns a time or two. I had this dress out to wear on Sunday morning but was struck down by the unreasonable monster of nothing to wear! nothing to accessorize! why do these difficult decisions plague me! (I know... your heart breaks for me.) SO anyway I knew I'd be freezing to death in church (a-hem... why is that always true? Who doesn't love to shiver their way through the choir special?) and wanted a sweater so I happened upon this one and... bam. As I told some friends at church, it's amazing what outfits are born in moments of desperation. I liked it though... definitely seeing a repeat during school.

Skirt: Loft
Top: J.Crew Factory
Necklace: Caroline G (google discount codes... a bunch of blogs are doing 50% off!)
Wedges: Belk

Ah, the midi skirt. I've seen/tried on a few, but they hit at that awkward, this-is-the-fattest-part-of-my-leg place most of the time so... pass. However, when I was on vacation I found this one at my favorite Loft store (does it mean I shop too much when I have pet stores? maybe.) It was on super clearance and I loved the color. (It's not as bright as it looks here... more periwinkle in person.) Actually, I feel like my wardrobe is made up mostly of this royal blue/cobalt all of a sudden. How I go from having very little of a color to a bunch of it is a mystery.... as is my inexplicable number of striped pieces. Not that I'm complaining...

Find any great deals lately, on anything? Skirts? Shoes? Lunch meat? I'm all ears. 


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