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So, second week of school down... only about 37 million to go (not really, but sometimes it feels that way!) Things are still going pretty well; consider this your status report and proof that I am still living and breathing. Don't worry... every class has a grammar test next week so I may be in the depths of despair by then. =)

Anyway, I have wanted to write several blog posts this week but we have had something going on literally every night (plus, you know school and all plus I have a nap schedule to keep) and I know your favorite posts allow my busy life to punish you by combining multiple events into one novella. I live to serve. 

Last week (to celebrate the end of the first week of school!) we headed down 70 to Goldsboro and stayed with Mamaw Friday night. She and I got pedicures on Saturday morning (so fun!) and did a little shopping (obviously) and it was so nice. She is really my favorite person.

And, really? Eggs and biscuits with chocolate gravy? (

What I wore on Sunday: Mint on mint. I got this shirt at Kohl's (odd, since I probably haven't bought anything there since high school) but it was way way on clearance and I knew immediately that I wanted to wear it with this necklace (taking a page from Merrick's book; she wore a monochromatic white outfit that was awesome!) and I liked it a lot. (Also, those split ends? Got ta go. For real.)

I went to a high football game over the weekend and... I didn't hate it. I like football but I don't even pretend to know what it means (no excuse for that, since I've been watching it my whole life. I just don't care enough, maybe? Except about Alabama) But it was really fun and I even found myself jumping up and cheering (at the appropriate times) and getting really into it despite knowing exactly zero of the players. And time with my cousin and uncle and football-loving husband is always fun (especially when I get the urge to repeat everything the announcer says in his "Booooming foooootball voiiiiiice!")

Only my favorite movie and one of the best songs ever... the perfect lullaby. The Sherman Brothers were genius... genius, I tell you! (Speaking of this movie and these composers, I am so excited about this movie coming out!)

I love that I crop all the junk out of a picture (like a trash can and unmade bed... oops, I guess you can still see that.) Anyway, I really wanted to be wearing sweats comfortable at school the other day and this very over-sized cardigan from H&M that I got for $5 (!!!) fit the bill. I know it's kind of Mr. Rogers-ish but, oh well. Won't you be my neighbor? (I really never liked that show... don't shoot me! Sorry, Fred.)

Last one... I spent probably twenty minutes watching this chubby kid jump off the side of the couch onto the cushions ("One! Two! Free!") and then hide behind the pillow and shout out "I'm right here!" whenever I called his name. I also taught him to yell "Geronimo!" when he jumped so that was productive. Also, every few jumps he would rush his fat little self over to the iPad for "Oh, a kiss!" and I would die of the cuteness.

Woah! So little material, so much time! (Scratch that; reverse it. Name that movie!) Happy Friday, everybody! Can you believe it's SEPTEMBER in a couple of days? You know what that means, right? Pumpkin spice? Psssh... try Christmas music! Woohoo!

Jingle all the way...


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  1. I totally love your comfy school outfit with the Mr. Roger's sweater. Don't worry, I never liked him much either. I just bought a dress on major clearance at Target the same color and am matching it with those same tangerine, melon and white colors for my Be Radiant Expo in September. So glad someone else loves those colors like me!

  2. Obsessed with that pencil skirt in the last pic!! How fun for you and your Grandma to get pedicures together!! Also, I looove me some football, college, high school, Nfl! Love it all :) looks like a great, great month for you girl!

  3. Bring on September :) I love fall! That breakfast looks so good... chocolate gravy, yes please!! Have a great Labor Day weekend :)

  4. love the bubble necklace! And this may sound crazy, but does chocolate gray really have chocolate in it?!

  5. love the mint on mint look! I might have to borrow that idea :)

  6. Say what! Chocolate gravy! I need me some of this!
    Stopping by from HF5F
    Come link up with us!!

  7. I totally practice my announcer voice during football games!
    And it is never to early for Christmas music! :)

  8. So how is your school year going? Great, I hope! I really love an all white outfit...and that mint necklace is super cute. How have I never heard of chocolate gravy??


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