Okay, so this title (what is with me and titles this week?) has nothing to do with trashy reality television and very little to do with actual hardship... but, you guys... I made through the first week of school! AND it was actually really good and despite my moments of nervous illness leading up to it I actually enjoyed myself and thought, sappily, several times this week, "I just love this." (What? Grammar doesn't give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? How sad.) And other than the slap back to reality that is spending hours on lesson plans (four English classes? Goodbye, Thursday afternoon!) it was great. Anyway, I survived this week with no mishaps to speak of and for that I am quite thankful. A few highlights of the week...

I bought this wooden M several months ago, wrapped it in twine, and added the flower and bow with the intention of hanging it on the front door. BUT since it rains so much and we live right next to a bunch of trees anything you put on the door is going to get dirty so I decided to make a space for it in the house. And my friend Brook, who should totally be an interior designer =), came over and helped me rearrange my shelves. I love it!

What is Pinterest for if not to find ridiculous memes like this and send them to Rory and Amy? Recipes? Crafts? Pssh. No way.

I wanted an instrumental album to play during my study hall, because a) I don't want to use all my Pandora hours up and b) having my study hall interrupted by a McDonald's commercial is distracting, to say the least. SO imagine my delight when I found a Jim Brickman album of the Carpenters (only my favorite group ever... give me Karen's voice, please!) I purchased it on iTunes immediately and have been listening to it on repeat constantly.

I had to go through one of my school bags and found a bunch of notes from my third grade students... I miss those little munchkins SO much. Hayden (and others!) used to write me sweet notes almost every day and I miss that, I'm not gonna lie. =)

I haven't completely finished, but I have started the process of getting my first play copyrighted. I'm so excited about this step and being maybe, presumptuously a little closer to publishing? Who knows! 

Well, I hope that your week has been as nice as possible. I am off to Mamaw's tonight which will hopefully involve some biscuits and chocolate gravy if I'm a good girl. =) (Be jealous, cousins!)


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  1. The "M" looks great in your house! I think it fits better there than on the door. And congrats on your copyright, how exciting. I just started writing a novel. Writers unite! :) Coming by from the link up. Have a great weekend!


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