The Art of Aging...

I get told fairly regularly that I look young for my age, or asked if I'm still in high school/college, or mistaken for a teenager. I guess it's something I should be thankful for, but it's actually kind of annoying, especially in situations where I need to be taken seriously. (Counselor? Nope, must be a camper. What are you doing out in the dark, young lady? Student teacher? Nope, must be a student. What grade are you in, sweetie? Um... 17th grade? Ugh...)

I know, I know... "Embrace it! You're so lucky! When you're 30 and people think you're 20, it's great!" Well, I'm NOT 30, I'm 24, and it's NOT that great. SO, when I began teaching I realized quickly that this "blessing" of looking younger was pretty much a curse when it comes to dealing with parents who think you're the same age as their 15-year-old. And while I can be prepared and professional, there's not much I can do to look older short of something drastic like dyeing my hair gray (although I think another year or two in the classroom may take care of that for me.)

Clearly since this a major life issue and I overanalyze every.thing. in my life, I was very concerned about what to wear for our Open House/Orientation for the new school year. Again, I want parents to take me seriously (at least until I open my mouth and inevitably make a dumb joke that they don't find nearly as amusing as I do) and blending in with the students is not exactly what I'm trying to accomplish. So when I was on vacation and found this blazer at Gap marked down from $88 to $16, I knew it was just the thing to add to my collection of "make me look older or at least my age" pieces. I love the details and the bright color, which still say 24? Maybe? But definitely not 15.

Dress: Banana Republic Outlet
Blazer: Gap
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Ann Taylor

I HATE that these pictures are so dark and grainy but it was raining when we left and I really didn't want to have to introduce myself as Mrs. Frizzle so spending any superfluous time outside seemed imprudent AND we got home super late and... you don't care. My intentions were good, I promise.

So, I think it worked. I did have several parents tell me I looked nice, which I interpreted as, "You look like a grown woman who will do a fabulous job educating my child." (Hey, sometimes you have to embellish, okay?) And I liked that it was dressy but not "Good grief, Ashley... are you a teacher or Nanny McPhee?) I really don't want to look old but just not being mistaken for a teenager would be nice, especially since I'm around them all day.

Now if I can just get rid of the occasional acne and the insecurity, I'll be well on my way to standing out from the crowd. =) Happy Wednesday!


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  1. I look young for my age, and definitely got the camper-instead-of-counselor thing when I did it. That blazer is perfect and I love the color!

    lace, etc.

  2. You look absolutely amazing :-) I get the looking young thing too (am 34 and mother of 3 girls and do have some strange look sometime.... no I'm not a teenage mother lol)

  3. Fab outfit, lady!

    Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

  4. Beautiful professional look! It's totally age appropriate too. I love the necklace.

  5. Haha I definitely know what you mean. I deal with the same thing working on a college campus. Everyone thinks I'm a student (at least they usually think I'm a junior or senior haha). I'm like, I teach a college class! I'm 27! Everyone says we'll appreciate it later, but we'll see :)

    LOVE the blazer - the color is great and the price is amazing!


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