Friday Five...

You guys... there is only ONE more Friday before school starts. I demand to know where my summer went! (Sigh...) Oh well, as busy as things have been, I truly am looking forward to being back in a routine. Back to getting up at zero dark thirty every morning? No thank you. 

Anyway, this week has been a flurry of lesson plans and classroom stuff that you really don't care to hear about but there were some breaks in the boring that I will gladly share.

1. Another VBS is in the books... it went really well and I was/am so proud of Jonathan for making it happen and organizing things to run smoothly. He's the bomb. And I taught 30+ 6-8 year olds five nights in a row and survived, so there's that.

2. Last Saturday, I mentioned to Janssen that we'd be in her neck of the woods and she invited me to come say hi (provided that I was not actually a murderer... her words, which made me laugh.) I showed up mid-morning (cookies in hand that of course I did not make myself... I would have sooner arrived with a book recommendation!) and spent about an hour chatting with her and  "helping" Ella (who is too.cute.) with a puzzle. And right before I left Ani woke up... it looks like she's a little grumps here but she had just smiling her head off... I think the sun must have been in her eyes. Oh, those girls... they are adorable! 

And it's a funny thing, this blogging world... of course I don't know the people whose blogs I read, but I kinda do. Janssen was so nice and we never ran out of things to talk about it and of course I was totally nervous (because she is an Important Awesome Blogger and well, I'm me.) Of course Jonathan thought I was crazy to invade the home of someone who is practically a stranger but it really was lovely. Thanks again, Janssen!

3. I got to spend a little time with these two crazies on Monday. Miss them. Love them. Not opposed to stealing them sometime.

4. My sisters had profesh pictures done of their kiddos which is great because a) they are beautiful and I love looking at them constantly and b) I have something better than blurry Facetime screenshots to show people. Seriously, though... how gorgeous are these kids? (Also, can we talk about how Emily is pretty much looking like a teenager all of a sudden. Stop growing please, poppet.)

5. Today my cousin and I took what I am (sadly) pretty sure will be my last beach trip for a while. It was so HOT but the water felt great. And you can't see much of it but my striped beach mat was a birthday gift from Brookie and it has a built-in pillow and I adore it. 

I hope you've had a fantastic week. I don't say it enough, but thank you SO much for reading, commenting, sharing, liking, sending happy thoughts, etc. Ya'll are too kind and well, why blog if no one shows up to read it? You guys do and I'm eternally grateful. (sappy, I know.)

Happy Friday! (That's redundant, isn't it?)



  1. Those cookies were SERIOUSLY amazing. We were all sad when they were gone (after like. . .five minutes).

  2. So fun you got to meet up with a blog friend! That's another reason why blogging is so much fun.


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