I am not a blazer-wearer, mostly because my shoulders resemble Brett Favre's (in shoulder pads) and also because it's typically impossible for me to find any one that fits my broad shoulders (size Sasquatch) without being huge everywhere else. Other people look great in them, but I always feel really conspicuous and corporate and... you know. Not great.

SO, when my darling husband took me shopping on Veteran's Day and I came across this red blazer, I was immediately drawn to it (until my voice of reason piped up, "You don't look good in those, remember?") and before you could say, "unflattering" it was in my possession. Turns out, this one doesn't look terrible and I really love the color (and contrasting lining. I'm a sucker for striped lining.) Plus it was only twelve bucks!

Skirt: New York and Company (in need of replacement... where can I find a good one? Help me out!)
Top: Loft
Shoes: Target
Blazer: Sam's Club (of all places!)

I love monograms but typically they're a little cheesy-looking (like when the trend hit big-time around 2004.) But I snagged this one for less than four dollars so I can't complain.

And an Insta-collage, for posterity's sake...
...the best part of posting this outfit was that Merrick commented to tell me she was also wearing polka dots and leopard... so that was definitely validating. =)

So... my close-minded prejudice toward blazers (let's be honest... toward my own "pioneer" frame) has been temporarily set aside since I'm so delighted by this miraculous little exception. I feel like I'm growing as a person! (Okay, not really... I was definitely singing along with my Disney station this morning.) 


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  1. I absolutely can't believe you found that adorable blazer at Sam's club! Cute!

  2. Oh please… do not have a wide frame, Ash!!! I love this blazer on you. And I love polka dots with leopard. (PS…you got this necklace for under $4?!??!)

  3. Adorable! I also have linebacker shoulders, thanks to years of rowing, and only recently embraced the blazer. Turns out they cover up my bad posture. Who knew?

  4. I love the look. I am a HUGE fan of blazers though. You styled this very well. ♥


    p.s. New follower! Found you via the PP Linky Party!

  5. I love the polka dots with the leopard print. Love mixed patterns!


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