Snow Day...

After I wrote this post, I received the news that one of my sixth grade students was  in a sledding accident and sustained a head injury. He's currently in surgery. Please, please, please- would you take a moment to pray for Caleb and his family? Thanks!!!

I'll be honest... I wasn't really itching for another snow day. After nearly a week off earlier this month (which amounts to having to make up those days of school) I would have been happy for a few more weeks of cold in order to enjoy my scarves and boots a little more but then I'd be ready to to welcome spring with open arms.

However, the snow is back with a vengeance, and if snow day is unavoidable, I'm not complaining about getting a day off. I mean, who could?

Trying to take a cute picture blowing the snow... which clearly didn't work out.

So, do I want to make up more school days? Ha! No way. But I can either be sad about that or I can marvel at the fact that beautiful white flakes have been falling out of the sky all day in a town that hasn't had snow like this ever, to my knowledge. And while I'm stuck at home, I'll be cleaning (check- gotta get the yucky stuff done first!), watching old movies (starting with The Shop around the Corner), and getting a big pot of my favorite soup simmering on the stove. Also, I just bought a bag of SweetTart hearts (not that nasty chalk) and a bag of dill pickle Lay's soooo.... thank goodness for layers, right? Winter, the season of covering up the fact that I do nothing but eat. It's a great time of year for my sedentary lifestyle. 

Happy snow day to you! Get out there and enjoy it... where we are, it doesn't come around much! (And if you think I'm lying head to Walmart and try to find any bread or milk. Personally, if I get snowed in I'd much rather be stocked up on Mountain Dew and PopTarts, but that's just me.)


P.S. If you want to read a GREAT post from an incredible writer who's far funnier than I am, check out this one by my friend Ellen. She's awesome!

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