On Repeat...

I kind of have a problem when I find new music or artists I love (and I'm not claiming to be unique; probably a lot of people have this problem.) I get super obsessed with stuff and play it on repeat over and over and over (and over and over) again. (Time-out for an Emperor's New Groove quote: "Aaaare you finished? Great-great aunt.") But Jonathan got me an iTunes gift card for Valentine's Day and I've made some really awesome music purchases that I'm loving sooo..... lucky you, read all about it.

-I know that The Piano Guys have been around for a while and every time I'd heard their music I loved it but I kept forgetting to download it. I just downloaded "The Cello Song" and "Without You" and I have been trolling YouTube for more. Simply beautiful and they really make me wish I could play the cello because it's just gorgeous. 

2. Casting Crown's new album, Thrive, has more of their same amazing lyrics (so deep! so biblical!) and the song "Broken Together" is one of my favorites of theirs to date. Not every one of their songs is always my cup of tea (style-wise) but you really can't beat those lyrics. (I also bought Mark Hall's book of the same title and so far it's excellent; I'd definitely recommend it to anyone in student ministry.)

3. This could probably go without saying, and it's not exactly a new purchase, but obviously I'm completely in love with the Frozen soundtrack. I wasn't sure what to expect from songwriters I hadn't heard of (I mean, there's only one Alan Menken) but these songs are great and because I'm a loser I have the deluxe album with karaoke versions which my husband loves as much as you would imagine.

4. The You've Got Mail soundtrack (as I said on Facebook the other day) just makes me inordinately happy. It's the perfect thing to play when I want to be put in a happy (or nostalgic) mood and hearing these songs makes me want to  buy fresh flowers, read lots of books, and walk around the streets of New York in a Gap turtleneck. It's something I've wanted to download for a long time and finally I had the iTunes money so I did and now it's my number one "good mood" music.

5. Have you heard The Tenors? Oh my goodness. Please do yourself a favor and check them out because this may be the most beautiful music I've ever heard. I had heard of them before (originally on my Josh Groban Pandora station) and downloaded a few of their songs but their new-ish album, Lead With Your Heart, has some of the most breathtaking songs ever... I know I'm gushing but I don't even care. Here's where I've really been YouTube trolling because music like this is even more phenomenal when you watch it. Oh, it's just heavenly. And now I've read all about them and I could tell you where they're from and how tall they are and what they think of each other (trues story... it's all on their website) but that would be a little bit too revealing of my inner psycho. =)

So, that's what I'm listening to right now... on repeat, much to the chagrin of poor Jonathan and everyone I've been raving about this music to constantly. If you really want to download something glorious, pick "Anchor Me" by The Tenors. It might make you cry. =)


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