Many moons ago (or back in the fall, if I'm not trying to speak like Pocahontas), I pinned one of Merrick's Babble posts that featured a lookbook of sorts from Boden's new fall line. I think I had vaguely heard of Boden before but one of the outfits in particular struck me, mostly because I had all the pieces to recreate it. But then, like a moron, I clicked over to Boden just to take a gander at how much this glorious cardigan was going to set me back.

Um... $118? Not exactly in my budget. So I wiped my tears and went on with my life knowing that the perfect outfit was never going to be mine.

But then. I stumbled upon the clearance section of Boden during an online shopping party and found that my dream cardigan was way, way on sale. Still $34.99 which is still more than I would normally spend but considering it was marked down from $118 it was a steal. Plus I found a coupon code for 15% and free shipping so really... how could I say no?

The inspiration... 

And my copycat outfit, minus the mini-ballerinas.

Yes, that's a mop behind me. Keeping it classy posing on Mamaw's back porch, as usual.

It's hard to see all three colors at once so a good old mirror pose felt right.

Frizzy curls are optional.

Cardigan: Boden
Top: Loft
Skirt: New York and Company
Heels: Target (I promise, I do have other shoes)
Necklace: J. Crew Factory

I'm all about recreating this with my leopard loafers for a more casual outfit!

Also, my parents were in Goldsboro for the weekend and even though things weren't quite a-okay (my dad had a nasty stomach virus and my mom sliced her finger on a razor because she just has that kind of luck) we were able to celebrate my mom's birthday and my dad preached an awesome message Sunday night!

So, the moral of this story is, I suppose, that patience is a virtue. Another moral is hold onto your money and don't spend it just because you can match an outfit on Pinterest, but where's the fun in that?


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  1. Love, love, love it. You look fab. And I love that cardigan.

  2. Love the cardigan! Do you have a link to it?!

  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that cardigan! Like you, I wouldn't typically spend $118 or even $35 on a cardigan but I would definitely do it for that one. You look adorable. :)

  4. That colorblocked cardigan is pretty awesome!! I've never seen anything like it, really.


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