Vacation Part One...

I suppose I could have been all cutesy and called this post "summer vacay part one" or something but seriously, "vacay" is right up there with "hubby" on the list of abbreviations I find completely unacceptable. 

Anyway, Jonathan and I spent the first half of our vacation with his family at the Wyndham Resort in Seviereville, Tennessee (right outside Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg... I didn't know either!) and it was so, so nice. Really, we could have been perfectly happy just staying at the resort all day (pool, hot tub, putt putt, game room, etc.) but we did venture out to several activities including a day at the nearby outlet mall, as you doubtless remember

Hitting the road on Sunday afternoon... and so happy about it!

Hills full of cows and some scary storm clouds on the way there...

(Side note: what in the world is with the rain that has decided to make its permanent dwelling place the Southeastern United States? It's summer, weather. We need to see the sunshine.)

I'm not really a fan of people who post pictures of their hotel rooms (or artfully folded towels arranged in the likeness of various animals or whatever) but having a king-sized bed is pretty much my goal in life, so you know. Brutus has nothing on me in terms of ambition.

There were fireworks visible from Dollywood every night. Fun!

The activity center... pool (indoor and outdoor!), hot tub, ping pong, pool (as in billiards), putt putt, and lots of other stuff. I loved it!

We ate at this restaurant on Monday and it was sooo good. I never really cared for chicken and dumplings other than my mom's but these were amazing. (Don't tell her!) And they brought out a blend of apple, orange, pineapple, and lemon juices before our meal that I am totally intent on recreating at home. 

A late-night swim... and when we got to the pool, they were showing Finding Nemo on the big screen! I happily joined the many little children in watching.

Putt putt golf Tuesday night... and we went tubing on the Little River- freeeeezing but it was really fun regardless and I only almost lost my life a time or two. (I am in no way a thrill seeker, obviously, so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.)

Some pool after a trip to Baskin Robbins is never a bad idea. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is never a bad idea either. 

On our last day we visited the Titanic exhibit in Pigeon Forge, which holds some of the world's rarest artifacts from the ship. I don't know about you, but I get so hung up looking at this stuff and actually picturing people on board and I really love it (and I was overwhelmingly sad at the end thinking of all those poor people who died.) But it was informative and truly fascinating. Then we had lunch at Huck Finn's where I was more than willing to drink my Mountain Dew from a huge mason jar. 

We are so thankful to have spent a few days with Jonathan's parents and sister and had a great time! Good eating, good shopping, good rest.... it was a wonderful few days! 

Have you been on vacation yet? Where are you going? You know how much I wanna know. =)


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