I Can't Stop...

I got home Saturday night and I still need to blog about the rest of our vacation, but for now I'll share a few favorites/habits/life happenings lately. Enjoy... meanwhile, I'll be sifting through the bajillion pictures (mostly blurry shots of Leslie and Steven mixed with the dozens of perfectly posed photos of Emily, who is more than willing to smile for the camera.) 

I can't stop...

...reading this book.

It's the third one I've read by this author and I absolutely love it. Cried like a baby, and I'm rereading it. Definitely a great choice.

...eating these chips. 

Seriously, they look disgusting and I am not a fan of creative chip flavors (the waffles and chicken? gag) but I tried them while I was home and I'm addicted. Yum.

...listening to this song. 

I'm sure there are lots of others songs by the Carpenters that I've never heard, but I'm still surprised when I come across a new one. My dad discovered it and I downloaded and it's been on repeat since. Also, Karen Carpenter sang "Desperado" which I first heard by Ryan Kelly of Celtic Thunder and her version is amazing too. (Obviously, she's my singing idol... hair idol, not so much.) 

...stressing about the writing project I'm working on (no mystery here... it's another Christmas play). I know it's for a good cause/reason and I shouldn't worry so much but nothing will make you insecure that a whole bunch of people are not just going to read something you wrote but get up and perform it and find it somewhat moving/inspiring/helpful. No pressure or anything. *Heaving sigh* Oh well, soon I'll be finished with it and the angels and heaven and Ashley shall rejoice.

...loving these flats from Belk
My mom bought them for me (ah, being the only child out of town has its perks) and I have already worn them a couple times and they're sooo comfortable. I should be saving them for school but they're so cute. Plus they remind me of something Audrey (Tom, not Hepburn, although... maybe) would wear and I can't go wrong there.

...thinking about Cory Monteith's death. I have never watched Glee but I have heard him sing and it's so sad to see such a talented young man lose his life in such a senseless, tragic way. =( 

...missing these gooberheads.

 (not pictured is Landon, who will probably receive his own post of pictures because he is pure baby goodness. Seriously... cheeks for days.)

So, that's what I'm up to. As I settle back into my routine I'll try to get around to some posts I've had up my sleeve. (And by my routine I mean sleeping in and avoiding the thought of school starting in just.one.month. "Noooo...." screamed all the teachers.) Happy (late night!) Monday, dears!


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  1. Dill pickle chips?! Sounds crazy, but also maybe delicious!? I'm with you on Corey's death... I don't watch Glee, but I have some of the soundtracks and his voice is just so good. It's so sad :(


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