My Two Cents...

As you may know, I have a certain knack for finding a good deal. Let's be honest... it's a God-given talent and, given the biblical parable regarding such things, I hate to waste a gift, spiritual or otherwise. I've found some pretty awesome steals on clearance racks, in bargain bins, inside the "final sale" sections... and I wouldn't brag about just any gift, but this one usually has me rambling on to anyone who will listen about my latest bargain. You know, if you ask about my outfit, you'll either get the short answer ("thanks!") or the long answer ("thanks, I just got this skirt at Target for five bucks... you should get one because they have a bunch of colors... let's go Thursday!"). And while many people applaud my ability, more often than not I get "I hate you! I never find stuff that cheap!" Well, considering my absolute cheapy-ness and the fact that I frequent Target and other stores just looking for deals, sometimes it's just a natural thing.

Other times, miracles happen. 

This past Friday, I went shopping with my bff Sara (as is tradition) and we ventured into Francesca's. Now, Francesca's is one of those stores that I really love but never buy anything from simply because I'm cheap and it's always just a leeetle more than I want to pay. But I spotted a clearance table with the game-changing words, "Additional 50% off." I thought, hey, I could get behind that... so the digging began and I found quite a few lovely items. As my pile grew higher, my husband's eyes grew wider, but never fear, Jonathan dear. I narrowed it down to just a few items (maybe three?) and went up to the register. The girl rang up the first necklace (maybe six bucks?) and a pair of earrings that I think were marked down to maybe four dollars. Then she picked up the other necklace and scanned it and then spoke these magical words...

"Um, this is ringing up for a penny." 

Vhaaaat? Yeah, I heard that (and so did you) correctly... she even checked again. And again. AND asked another employee (here I began to shudder, lest someone pull a "well, it could be...." card. No... it's a penny!) She even started to say, "Well, I guess we could enter the price on the tag," to which I quickly interjected with, "Yes, but then you wouldn't be my new best friend anymore." So she didn't and she is (my new best friend.) The funny thing is that the necklace wasn't even one I would typically pick out.. but I just bought a black maxi dress and wanted something colorful and different to wear with it. 

And, to go all late-night infomercial on you: BUT WAIT; THERE'S MORE! 

This all happened on Friday. Last night (Monday? It's summer... don't ask me the day of the week, let alone the date) April and Jake and I loaded up the kids (remember?) and somehow I ended up back in Francesca's. And lo and behold on the same little clearance table was a necklace I had spotted and pointed out to Jonathan months ago... and here it was. Marked down and ready to be purchased. Boo-ya. However, noticing that it didn't seem to have a price tag, I handed it to the girl at the counter and asked for a price check. 

(Can you guess what is about to happen? You super sleuth... Nancy Drew has nothing on you.)

It was a PENNY. AGAIN. I can't explain it... I can only tell you that I was completely dumbfounded and thrilled and may have done an embarrassing happy dance around the store. Two necklaces, two pennies. PENNIES! TWO CENTS!

After the first penny necklace experience. We were stoked (the measure of a good friend is how thrilled they are over your good fortune. This one's a keeper.)

How funky and boho is this? Perhaps I shall wear it with a flowy skirt and braids and run barefoot through a meadow... or you know, with wedges to church. Because I'm hip that way. (It actually lays in a more laid-back and not so rainbow-y way when you put it on, but I just love all the colors fanned out.)

I've already worn one of them!

...and snagged a mirror shot with this adorable shopping buddy.

Two cents. TWO. TWO CENTS. I can't say it enough.

Who says a penny won't buy you anything these days? I beg to differ. (Francesca's, if you're reading this, thanks and I apologize for sort of ripping you off. But not really.)


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P.S.S. This is my 200th post! Crazy!

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  1. Wow! I thought I was good at deal hunting, but a penny!? That is epic.


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