New Jewels and Y2K...

One of my favorite things about accessories is that they're an easy way to incorporate a color/pattern/trend without feeling overwhelmed by it. Scared of a leopard print pencil skirt? A leopard flat or belt will do the trick. Not a fan of looking like a human highlighter? Try a little pop of neon (and check out Merrick's fabulous post on the subject.) And if you're scared to add too much sparkle to your outfit (and it's not New Year's Eve), then a pretty necklace or earrings can lend a little bling (without looking like you mugged Mr. T and stole his jewelry. Not the bling you're going for, I hope.)

Last week at Francesca's (remember, when I got my necklaces for a penny each?!) I found some a few things that were exactly the style I'd been looking for and marked waaay down (obviously.) And while I'm notorious for "saving" new things I buy, I loved these pieces enough to wear them right away... no rainy day in sight! 

Skirt: Belk
Tshirt: Old Navy... love love love it and want it in every color.
Sandals: Target
Purse: Nine West (time-out: aren't crossbody bags the best for shopping? K, time-in.)

Earrings: Francesca's
I love these pastel colors and the flower-ish shape.

Dress: Banana Republic Outlet 
Shoes: Target

Necklace: Francesca's
I've been looking for something similar (but didn't want to spend $50 at J. Crew because I'm a cheapskate) and I was thrilled to find this style (and even more thrilled to bring it home for $6.)

So, a little bling, but not full-out Prom Night '99, right? (Anyone remember "Y2K" and thinking the world was ending? These zombie apocalypse nuts think they're original, but please... we were stockpiling water 14 years ago. Get with the times.)


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  1. That necklace is darling. And to think you got it for such a bargain. Way to go!


  2. Cute jewelry!


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