And Again in Boston...

I had other, more whimsical posts in mind for tonight, but it seems insensitive, wrong even, to write about trivial things when today's events are so heavy on my heart. What bothers me so much about my reaction to the news is that once I got over the initial impact of the news, I didn't even feel terribly surprised. I don't know if that's a commentary on our country or me or both, but I don't like it. I don't ever want to become desensitized to news like this, or to its causes or effects. Emotions overwhelm at a time like this so, while this isn't my best rhyming work or the smoothest poetry you'll ever read, I hope it captures in some way a little of what I'm feeling.

As I turn on the news today,
My mouth falls open in dismay,
For yet another sad display 
Of senseless violence starts to play.

It's Boston now, reporters say,
The wounded carried off, away
From the bloodied streets, they lay;
To evil's blow they've fallen prey.

What started as a normal day
Instead has changed to disarray,
As those who never planned to say
Goodbye are forced to anyway.

It is impossible to say
The reasons for these acts today.
We cannot explain away
This show hate in full array.

Why someone, somewhere, chose to slay
So many in this senseless way,
Their lives were all cut short today
As sin and evilness portray

The price the victims all must pay.
Their families, near and far away
Are left with ruins to survey,
Find answers in the disarray. 

We know that there's no earthly way
To understand this senseless day,
It's become almost cliche
To hear about days like today.

We wonder how it came to play,
We forward messages to pray,
We try, somehow, in some small way
Our emotions to convey.

They range from anger to dismay,
As we've watched the slow decay.
Actions like the ones today
Were once so rare, now seem "passe"

In "this world we're living in," they say
It is impossible to stray
From the path we're on traveling on, the way
We're going, far astray.

It's "just the way it is," they say,
And violence never goes away;
Must these words ring true today?
Is bloodshed truly here to stay?

I can't answer this array
Of questions, or do much but pray,
But isn't that the biggest way
Anyone can help today?

Forgive my jumbled thoughts, but they,
I hope, just might convey
What I feel and hope and pray
Tonight for Boston, those caught in the fray,

The innocents whose lives today
Changed in an enormous way.  
Join me please, without delay,
And pray His peace will come to stay.


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