My Best Friend's Wedding...

Today was a very special day. Two of my very best friends, Blake and Brook, got married in an absolutely precious ceremony. Everything was beautiful, especially the bride =), and I think my very favorite moment of the day was when Blake surprised Brook by singing to her during the ceremony. (I almost cried... I didn't, but I came close! It was so sweet!)

As Blake and Brook's wedding day has gotten closer, I've tossed around the idea of writing a poem for them. However, with things being as insanely busy as they've been the past few days, I decided not to push it- if one "came" to me, I'd write it. And this morning around 1:30, it decided to come. It's hard to put into words just how special these two are to Jonathan and me, but the Lord has certainly blessed us with these incredible friends. 

Every little girl has dreams 
About her special "princess" day,
Where her fairy tales will all come true
In every kind of way.

She'll meet the man she's dreamed of,
And forever they will be
Together in their "castle"
Living oh-so-happily.

Today that time's arrived for you,
A pair of very different friends
Whose love for one another 
A very special message sends-

That God can take two people,
From different walks of life,
And bring these two together 
To live as man and wife.

Two people who desire

To together serve the Lord,
And gives their lives in service
To share about His word.

They complement each other
In all the perfect ways,
And the fun they have together
Brightens even gloomy days.

It's not easy to imagine
That this day is finally here,
And the end to all the craziness
Is finally drawing near.

No more planning, wedding errands,
No more drama, no more stress,
You finally get to put on
That tux and that white dress!

The last few months will all pay off
When you finally say, "I do,"
And the dreams you've always had inside
Are finally coming true.

It's really so amazing 
The way it's all worked out,
And through the good and bad times
You'll learn what love is all about.

Don't ever let the hard times
Outweigh the many good,
Your love will be the strongest 
If you treat it like you should.

So now get ready as you start
Your journey hand in hand,
And let God lead the two of you
On the perfect path He's planned.

You'll be the greatest team there is
As side by side you serve
And with each other you can face
Life's every bend and curve. 

So on this, your special wedding day,
Please know you're very loved,
By family, friends, and most of all
Your Father up above.

He brought the two of you together
And joined you, heart to heart, 
Congratulations on this day 
Your life together gets its start.

Ah... don't you just love weddings? (*Sigh*) Congratulations to a wonderful couple!



  1. Ashley, this is beautiful. I am so glad Blake & Brook have such wonderful friends especially you and Jonathan. I love you both and what you mean to them. Thank you for all your help.
    Jennifer Albert

    1. Mrs. Jennifer, you are so sweet! I'm glad I got the chance to get to know you better this week. You raised a great son and we are thankful for him and Brook =).


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