Georgia Vacation Part One- The Kiddos...

You know how everyone says that a parent's reward for raising kids is grandchildren? Well, I think that my reward for growing up with my sisters is having my nieces and my nephew. Of all my family titles (sister, daughter, cousin, niece, etc.) I'd say "Auntie Ashley" is probably my favorite. (Or as Leslie says, "Ah-ie", or as Baby Steven says, "Aahhhh!" We're working on his pronunciation.) 

Love this face! 

The Fat Man's hair is out of control! (And no, his parents don't beat him. He just got in a little scuffle with the sidewalk.)

He's less than enchanted with this special aunt/nephew moment.

Okay, I do not love Leslie any less. I just happen to have fewer pictures of her because Miss Thing is sooo very busy that I could not pin her down for more than a couple pictures, and she has a thing for smiling right after the flash goes off. But that's my Goose! (And she is an absolute doll!)

Uncle Jonathan is ridiculously wrapped around these kids' little chubby fingers.


Precious. He'll be such a good daddy someday. (Far, far away!)

The playground at Chick-fil-A.

Steven was so excited he was drooling! (Actually he drools incessantly. Like a fountain.)

Leslie Lu was less enthusiastic about the slide.

Gigi just HAD to have a turn.

My mini-me.

Sleeping in Auntie Amy's tornado wreckage closet. =)

I am so thankful for these kids. Even if my sisters were total psychos I'd learn to tolerate them for the chance to play with their adorable cherubs. (Fortunately, they are definitely NOT psychos, at least not all the time. Mostly they are very respectable citizens. =) 

Am I the only completely crazy, doting aunt out there? I'd hate to think so. (But if you think your nephews/nieces are cuter than mine, you are wrong. Don't argue with me, or we may come to blows.)

(Auntie) Ash

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