High Five for Friday...

Wow... it's amazing how much more slowly this week has gone, considering I really haven't done much of anything. When you go from having more than seems possible to do (school, packing, moving,etc.) and it all comes to a screeching halt, time just kind of stands still. (That and I have felt nothing but supremely lazy for most of this week.) Nonetheless, this week has been a much-needed break from all the craziness that has been our lives for the past few months. So, I won't make you wait any longer (how cruel of me!)... my five favorites from this week! (And as always, I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk!)

1. Our shopping trip on Memorial Day- due to my clothing mishap last week, I had to purchase a few casual items to get me through the next few weeks. (Hmm... maybe I should define "few". I should probably, so as to remain completely truthful, that I purchased several shirts. Let's see... I think I got 3 solid shirts from TJ Maxx, a solid black t-shirt from Target, and a few other patterned shirts from various retailers. (Aka I don't remember and I'm too lazy to get up and look.) Oh, and an ah-dorable dress from Loft for $13. Yay!

2. Unexpected readers- I've had some people tell me this week, either on Facebook or in person, that they're enjoying my blog. Since these people were not my sisters, mother, or financially obligated to say this, I felt pretty good about it! It's nice to hear that from people who don't have to say anything. (Or have surprised me because they don't necessarily seem like the type of people to enjoy my ramblings!) Thanks, guys!

3. Summer reading (or, sitting around being lazy)- I have had time this week to actually read for enjoyment, so... my reading is not 3rd grade essays on "When I Grow Up", which are adorable, but it's nice to read something I don't have to check for spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. The sad thing is, I've yet to open a book I haven't read before. I'm definitely a repeat reader. Like, I'll read a book a million times until I can quote portions of it from memory. (You think I'm joking, but pull out a Beverly Cleary or Nancy Drew book and test me!) Still, I'm enjoying re-reading these books. I guess I should venture on to some new books eventually.

4. My crazy unexpected deal at Old Navy- as I mentioned, I've been on the hunt for some casual shirts. On my list of "wants" was a striped boatneck shirt (I'm a sucker for all things nautical). Well, I got a really cute one at Ross (in coral! Ah!) but got it home and it was too big. And not just a little bit, but more like "Wow, this adds five pounds" way. So, back it went. (I hardly need the help of my striped shirt for the five pounds!) But this left a striped, boatneck void in my wardrobe! Then Tuesday we were at Old Navy in Raleigh and I found this:

Striped, boatneck, and in a super, only-slightly-less-my-favorite-than-coral royal blue! But what about the price? For whatever reason, I couldn't find a price tag. I found the same shirt in another color, and that one was priced at $10.49. Well, if you know me at all, you know I'm not really inclined to pay 10 bucks for a t-shirt, even one to fill my striped, boatneck void. And, Old Navy is sometimes known to have different prices on the same shirt if they are different colors (for whatever reason). So, I just took it up to the register to ask. And the sweet, wonderful girl working entered a few numbers, made a confused face, then shrugged and said, "How about $3.99?" 

She's my new best friend. 

And just like that, the void was filled for a mere 4 dollars. Yay me! (And yay for the cashier... I'm her friend for life!)

5. The Mudcats game- If you're not familiar with the glamorous world of minor-league baseball, the Carolina Mudcats are the A-affiliates of the Cleveland Indians. They play at Five-County Stadium in Zebulon and I love going to their games! It's some of the best cheap fun you can get around here! And thanks to Groupon, it was made even cheaper- we got 4 tickets for $10 and took Blake and Brook (who else?!) on Tuesday night. It was also Dollar Dog night ($1 hot dogs), so it really was hard to beat. (Oh, and we decided to walk down and sit right behind the plate because almost the entire section was empty. And it stayed that way.) Much fun with our friends! (And it's always entertaining to attend a ball game with Jonathan, who suddenly turns into Lou Piniella and acts like he knows all there is to know about baseball! But, it's entertaining, so I egg him on just go with it!) 

That's it, folks... my high five for Friday from this leisurely week! Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. I love your new shirt. I'm pretty much obsessed with stripes, so I would have been ecstatic to buy that for 3.99! Woo hoo for you. And I'm really enjoying summer reading too. Happy Friday, Ash.

    1. Thanks, girl! Stripes are an addiction for me, too... so yes that was a great day! =)Happy Friday to you too!


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