At Last

I'm certainly guilty of impulse purchases while shopping (who isn't? Just me? okay, fine.) But I do have a few items on a running list of things that I'm actually looking for when I shop and for the past several months (well, longer, really) one of those things has been a gold link necklace. (Not a chain... I'm not Mr. T.) 

So, that search has proved fruitless for quite a while. Most of the necklaces I found were, in fact, Mr. T-like, or looked super cheap, or were too long, or had too much bling, or something. (Am I sounding picky yet?) Also, I'm super cheap frugal so I wasn't about to spend much money on this dream accessory.

Well, my big break finally happened last week when J.Crew Factory had a 30% off + free shipping sale. Um, yes. I'm a sucker for free shipping. And the perfect gold necklace I'd been stalking on their site for months was finally marked down to a price my tight-fisted soul could justify. (My husband will probably snicker when he reads that description of myself.) 

Finally... the perfect gold... chain. (Yes, it's a chain.) What a triump! ("Triump? It was a lucky guess! Have you never known the triump of a lucky guess?" Name that movie!)

This weekend when we were in Lynchburg, VA, for Jonathan's graduation, I had one priority: visit the J.Crew Clearance Store. My ridiculously fashionable cousin Kailyn (seriously, my style icon since probably age 10!) has been telling me about it for years and I knew I had to see it for myself! This striped oxford was one of the few (I promise!) things I picked up... and it was only $12! Sweet! 

Speaking of Lynchburg, we got to stay with Kailyn and Kevin Friday night in their beautiful house (aren't we still 15? How do we have houses? And HUSBANDS?). It was so much fun to catch up... we were insanely close in high school- talking for hours every day- but stupid growing up now with busy jobs and lives and blah, blah, blah we just don't get to talk nearly as much as I'd like. It was a too-short but very needed visit. =) 

Out to lunch on Sunday... I love downtown New Bern!

Ah, yes... the awkward hands pose. It's one I've perfected. And the twisted skirt.

Hands in pockets... a little better.

Top: J.Crew
Skirt: Loft
Shoes: Target

I don't do "preppy" nearly as much as I used to (I owned waaay too many polo shirts in high school) but this outfit, with my striped shirt, pleated skirt, and slightly patriotic color combination, I was feeling very preppy indeed. But mostly ready to get out of those heels. Flats forever!


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  1. Hi Hon coming from PP linkup. I like the look, especially the red skirt. Huge fan of red, pretty

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