An Outfit Post Because... Why Not?

It's been a while since I've been done an outfit post, and I really liked my outfit the other day, so... a Wednesday blog post is born. Usually I try to put together some cutesy story or some other anecdote that ties together what I'm wearing with maybe a life lesson but really, today... it's just clothes. As Fiyero says in Wicked, "There's no pretense here. I am genuinely self-absorbed and deeply shallow." =)

Skirt: Loft
Sweater: Old Navy
Hat: Target
Keds: gift from my mom

Giant shoulders: Genetics
Pose: c/o My Own Awkward Personality

So, yeah... pattern mixing is nothing new (SO 2013) but I'm still loving it and stripes and floral are still my favorite combination. The hat seemed a little frivolous (and don't worry... I most certainly did not wear it to school) but I love it anyway. And these shoes are one of my favorites ever... Gigi has good taste! Oh, and I snatched this sweater up for like seven bucks before we went to New York and I was happy to get one more wear out of it before the weather goes back to "surface of the sun" temperatures that we love so much around these parts. 

So, after all my other exciting posts lately, it's nice to be lazy talk about clothes and shopping. Don't worry, darlings... I'll never forget you. =)


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  1. And sometimes...that's all it needs to be about...the clothes!

    I agree...stripes and florals are super cute.

  2. I love this! I think stripes and florals go together perfectly! And the hat just adds the perfect finishing touch!

  3. The keds are so cute! I love sneakers with skirts and dresses!


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