Why This Isn't a Fashion Blog..

Disclaimer: this post is self-deprecating, yes, but in a facetious way. Some concerned readers have chided me reached out in concern that I am too critical of myself but I am kidding, really. I don't really hate how I look (except in most pictures. That part is very true.) So, no worries. I have a healthy self-image and an unhealthy sense of sarcasm.

Every now and then, someone will say to me, "Well, you know, since you have a fashion blog" or "You're a style blogger, right?" and I'm like... woah, woah, woah. Hold up there, sister. This blog is many things but a fashion blog is not one of them. I have absolutely nothing against fashion bloggers... in fact, nearly every blog I follow regularly features mostly outfits and style posts. I read style blogs, I follow fashion bloggers on Twitter and Instagram, and (shockingly) I really love shopping and clothes and all that jazz.

So why, since I love all those things, do I not identify as a fashion blogger or turn this blog into a full-on style blog? I've certainly considered it, but there are several reasons I haven't (and won't, I don't think.)

- I know you don't have to be perfect to be a fashion blogger, or stick thin or a hair model, but really? Have you seen my hair up close? Or my face?(Or my crooked bottom teeth that I blame entirely on my mother who threw away my retainer thus negating the three torturous years of orthodontia I experienced?) I'm not terribly insecure about my frizz or my inexplicably treatment-resistant blackheads or my complete ineptitude for makeup but... I'd feel a little silly chiming in about my latest beauty purchase (um, Clearasil? Toothpaste?) while not having mastered the basics of applying eyeliner. I know that that really falls more under "beauty blog" than "style blog" but let's be honest... there's nothing beautiful or stylish about the tears that roll down my face after I poke myself in the eye with an eyeliner pencil (or about my neglected brows.) And while I am thankful, from a financial perspective, that my first Bare Minerals purchase lasted me for over three years, I don't think that's how it's supposed to work. 

- I'm not just saying this... I really do not like pictures of myself. The whole over-the-shoulder-smolder or gaze-in-the-distance-wistfully poses look fantastic on others but I simply do not have it in me. My profile is... not flattering, I can't do a serious face to save my life, and "candid" pictures (laughing, talking, etc.) really and truly say, "Poor girl... why does she look angry (and slightly deformed)?" If you don't believe me, you can look at any unfortunate shots from my wedding. Literally the only time I look decent in a picture is when I'm facing the camera head-on and smiling. I do like my smile. Other than that, pictures aren't my friend.

Yes, Jim... I understand.

- Speaking of pictures of myself, this might sound crazy, but... my hair is not photogenic. Is that even a thing? Maybe not, but I'm convinced it's true at least for me. I can be having the most amazing hair day, snap a picture, and suddenly those perfectly rippling waves look like I just air-dried after a bout in the Atlantic in which I arm(fin?)-wrestled Bruce from Finding Nemo. I can't explain it, but it's true. No stopping it. 

- Clearly I'm disqualified from being a fashion blogger because my home does not feature a) a plain white wall with perfect lighting for me to pose in front of or b) hardwood floors on which I can artfully arrange my outfit for my Instagram followers to see. Seriously, isn't that true? And I'm not knocking it... I'm really just jealous because if I had the perfect place inside my house to take outfit pictures I certainly wouldn't be skulking around my backyard away from prying eyes to snap them. And I do dream of hardwood floors, but mostly because I hate vacuuming. 

- A lot of the time I'm kind of a mess. I haven't mastered the "messy on purpose" look either. I know not every fashion blogger looks perfect at all times, but very often I have wrinkles, uncooperative collars, wrinkly legs, and beat-up shoes (I seem to be very hard on my footwear.) A half-tuck? "Why didn't she tuck in her shirt?" Cute mismatched cuffs? "Why aren't her sleeves even?" It's not for everyone.

- Every outfit post doesn't have to reinvent the wheel, but most of what I wear is not really that exciting. I mean, I like my clothes and most of the time I like what I'm wearing but come on... I'm a teacher. How many variations of a cardigan do you want to see? My favorite bloggers wear outfits that are, well- wearable. But then again, there are a million fashion bloggers (especially the "pros") who look like they get paid to get dressed and create an "arm party" every day... but I get paid to get up in front of teenagers and desperately try to maintain their interest for all of 45 minutes at a time. Therefore, what I'm wearing is typically not anything that's going to be featured in InStyle for... "You CAN Wear... Scuffed Flats!" I could write a feature, I suppose, for InStyle on wearing blazers to age yourself in order to make students think you're older than they are. I guess that one could be called, "Find Your Perfect: Shoulder Pads."

- I really don't think that the majority of people that visit my blog come to find out what I was wearing (or where it came from or how much I paid for it or the love I have for the lady who gave me the discount, although I'm happy to share those details) and at this point if I did blog exclusively about clothes I'd probably have to start another blog to do it. And I'm lazy, so that's out.

- The world simply doesn't need another "life and style blog" who writes about "fashion and things I love" in "my little corner of the internet." I'm not knocking people's corners of the internet, I just don't think mine needs to be exclusively about what I'm wearing. 

- Outfit posts are a time commitment... no joke. If I even do one small collage or photo editing of any kind I feel kind of like I ran a marathon (even though I'm not sure what that feels like because I can't even put on tights without cramping, so clearly running's not an option.) I'm in awe of women who regularly shoot, edit, AND post pictures (let alone multiple pictures) because it's hard work. And if you think it's not, try it. 

The sad thing is, I love to put outfits together and I love to talk about clothes and shopping. I get asked on a fairly regular basis for shopping/clothing advice, and I don't think it's necessarily because I'm the most stylish person in the world... I think it's more like my friends know I like to talk about it so why not give me a chance to? And I must confess... it's a pretty heady feeling to be "that person" for someone... you know, the one they send the dressing room picture asking "should I buy it?" or "what colors should I wear with this scarf?" I get quite a Stacy London-esque rush to be entrusted with such counsel, but does the internet really need another blog dedicated to educating the masses on how to tie a scarf, layer chambray, or accessorize with statement necklaces? Sadly, no... and I dearly love all those topics. But the lack of necessity, coupled with my inability to pose in any way but this, it seems: 

...don't worry, I'm more embarrassed on my own behalf than you are.

Truthfully, this collage should prove why I'm not a fashion blogger (and why I shouldn't even try to be). Really... this was just the last few outfit posts. I stopped scrolling because I was afraid if I found any more pictures that my right hand would permanently affix itself to my hip "I'm a little teapot" style. 

So, everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief... I'm not going to stop talking about clothes or sharing my shopping victories or even the occasional outfit post. But I am going to leave the fashion blogging to the pros... and get myself a different pose before I'm humiliated any further by my utter lack of creativity. 

For style bloggers who are doing a bang-up job already, go visit JanssenAudreyMerrickGrace, or Ashley or click over to my favorite blogger board on Pinterest. But if you reeeeally want some outfit inspiration that DOES include identical poses and poor photo quality you can always come right back here.

I'll be waiting.


P.S. I am really am truly not "down on" anyone with awesome photos or great poses or hardwood floors... I wish I weren't so dreadfully lazy and I know I could be much better about that stuff but I'm not. This is not an excuse for my low-quality outfit posts... more like hang-ups (like hating my own pictures) that keep me away from the pressure of high-quality outfit posts that a fashion blog requires- hence the text-heavy posts you typically see here.


  1. I just love this post. That's all. :)

  2. First of all....I DO come to your blog to see your cute outfits AND your cute self (I come here for other reasons as well)...but I do!!

    It really does take a long time to take pictures, though....totally agree with that. And I have to say that my hair isn't very photogenic (even though yours is).

    That Jim Gaffigan gif really is hilarious....especially the pics that people tag you in on FB...THE worst.


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