So, ever since the iOs7 update (of which I haven't been a major fan, but since I'm not technologically educated enough to offer an informed opinion I just keep my ignorant "I don't like how it looks" comments to myself) the photos in my phone have been categorized as "moments." While that may be romanticizing the blurry selfies or pointless pictures of my food that no one cares about, I do like the idea that I'm not just storing pictures... I'm storing moments. Again, it's really just a ploy to get you to feel like you're "capturing history" when in reality you're just taking up two thirds of your storage with pictures you'll rarely bother to scroll through, but hey... those are moments! In the words of George Banks, "Don't bulldoze my memories, man." (Five points if you name the movie. Ten if you can name the scene.)

So... moments. Here are a few of my favorites from this week. Pretend to care.

I ordered this necklace from GroopDealz last week and I love it. I know, I know... I need another statement necklace like I need a hole in my frizzy head. But it was sooo cheap and I didn't have anything purple and okay, fine. I'm an addict and I need help (and by help I think I mean more necklaces. Unrepentant- that's the step after denial, right?) 

I got to hang out with my favorite boy at our basketball game on Tuesday. Somehow the travel planets did not align and we were out of town at separate times almost the entire Christmas break (boo!) so I was overdue for some cousin bonding time (which just thrills Matthew, as you can tell.)

I have always been skeptical of those "engineer prints at Staples for super cheap" pins on Pinterest, but lo and behold Brook was brave and took the plunge and hers turned out great so I ordered one and here it is. This is my favorite picture of all time and I love it! (It's 18x24 and cost $1.97. Woohoo!) I will say that sometimes when I walk by it (and it's not on the couch anymore, fyi) that I'm like, "Woah! That's a lot of Ashley!" but I'm getting used to it. =)

So, I've never been a huge monogram person (maybe it's that most of my life wasn't spent in the South? I don't know) but my friend and fellow teacher Lamanda came in a few weeks ago in a monogrammed sweatshirt and I am nothing if not a covetous copycat and I immediately asked her make me one too! (Btw, I found mine at Old Navy.)
Lamanda has a monogramming business and if you're local you should totally use her for all your monogramming needs. (You know, if you have those.) Check out her Facebook page for prices and stuff! She does a great job!

Um... talk about a gift from Heaven. It's been pretty to live up to my word of the year (delight!) when we get news like this TWO days in a row. Sure, North Carolinians are super wimpy when it comes to cold weather but WHO CARES? Coming to school at 10:00 could easily be the most (dare I say it?) delightful schedule ever. I feel rested, I have time to leisurely get ready, I'm in a much better mood... why isn't this a permanent thing again? Let's make it happen. Contact your Congressman.

Last but CERTAINLY not least... the premiere of Psych was just as wonderful as I anticipated- although the lack of Jules, Lassie and the rest of the SBPD gang was a bit jarring- and I'm sure Season 8 is going to be unforgettable (especially since it's most likely going to be the last. Tears!)

See? Moments. This blog is practically my scrapbook. Thank goodness or my children would have no clue what their mother wore, watched, or ate for the first several years of her marriage. 


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  1. I love the idea of capturing moments, and not just snapping a picture!!

    That quote is from one of my favorite movies! Father of the Bride 2, when George is trying to stop the demolition of his house.


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