32 Weeks

Y'all, this pregnancy is winding down and it's starting to hit me that in a few weeks I'll have an actual baby to take care of... currently I'm nearly equal parts excited and TERRIFIED but I'm trying to be more excited than anything. (It's a work in progress.) 

Speaking of works in progress, the nursery is coming along slowly but surely. I feel like I don't get much accomplished in there for days and then I'll have a burst of energy (or stupidity) and attempt to complete an entire project in an afternoon, but at least some of it is getting done one way or another. Now that my prints are framed and everything is cleared out (as much as it can be for now) I'm at the point where I need someone else's opinion to decide where everything goes. (Brook and Sara, where are you?!) 

This past weekend we had my shower with our church ladies and it was SO nice. Everyone brought the prettiest presents and we got lots of cute stuff for Alice, plus there was amazing food (and I got to bring home leftovers!) and the decorations were beautiful. The ladies at our church are so sweet and they definitely love Alice already! We're very thankful to have such a great church family.

Several people commented on my dress... it's Gap Maternity. =)

These awesome friends hosted the shower and they are the bomb! Love them all!

Anyway, everything's good and moving right along- at a frightening pace- but we're just thrilled that Alice is healthy and that my pregnancy has been uneventful, no matter how melodramatic I am about my lack of sleep. =) 

This pic is the best I could do (frizzy hair and all) since we walked out of our appointment this morning into a monsoon. Yikes!

How far along: 32 weeks and 2 days.
How big is baby: 19 inches and nearly 4 pounds!
Weight gain: the doctor said it was "perfect" so I'm taking that to mean that I don't look as large as I feel. Maybe? I don't feel terrible but it kind of depends on what I'm wearing. 
Sleeping: Sleep? What is sleep? =( I feel like I'm having sleep regression... It was getting better but the last week has me back to waking up every 1-2 hours and feeling totally uncomfortable the majority of the time. 

Food cravings: still a lot of sweets, but also Spicy Nacho Doritos. (Don't judge me.) Oh, and taco stew which I'm making for supper tonight. I'm SO excited about it! (Here's my recipe if you want some yourself! SO good.) 
Food aversions: popcorn. Sad, right? It's always been one of my favorite snacks but I just don't want it now. Bleh.
Symptoms: just being uncomfortable most of the time. If I sit up in a chair or on the floor for very long I'm going to be in pain, and finding a good position to sleep in is nearly impossible. I know that I'm only going to get bigger and more uncomfortable (swollen ankles, stay away!) so I guess I should just count my achy blessings. 
Miss Anything?:  Sleeeeeep.
Doctor’s appointment: Great! We went this morning and her heartbeat and growth are perfectly on schedule. 
Clothes: I'm still reaching for dresses 90% of the time since they're just so easy! I wrote too many paragraphs on my maternity wardrobe last week if you want to check that out.
Movement: quite a bit... she's been a little quiet the past couple days but I think it's because I've been so much more active than normal (with the nursery work and cleaning going on)... she's always more active when I'm resting (and vice versa) but she still gives me plenty of kicks throughout the day (and lately has been resting herself riiiight on my ribs (or something) and that feels just great. Ha! 
Best moment of the week: my beautiful shower =) and getting all (most) of the junk cleaned out/organized in the nursery and finally (after a seriously ridiculous series of unfortunate events) getting all my nursery prints printed and in frames. Yay! Oh, and finding out that Rainbow Chip icing (my favorite) is back in stores seriously made my life so much better. Jonathan and I promptly purchased it and had funfetti cupcakes for several days. 


What I’m looking forward to: finding the last few pieces of furniture for the nursery so that we can get all the decorations on the wall!
What I did / Got for baby: organized clothes/blankets/other gifts, did some nursery decor stuff, drank nine million ounces of water (you better appreciate that, Alice!). Oh, and I've been reading a bunch of baby and parenting books which I'm sure I'll discuss here at length before too long. 

Read ALL the books! And these hydrangeas from my shower make me smile every time I see them.

Prayer requests: As always, health and safety for the baby and for me... keeping my fluid up is still a concern in this heat and of course as the actual birth approaches I get more anxious of things going wrong. (You know how I love/hate to worry!) Maybe you should just pray for my peace of mind... If I can chill out then things will probably go much better. =)
That's it, everyone! Thanks for sticking around through this adventure... only a few weeks to go until Miss Alice joins us! Woohoo!

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  1. Ummmm that dress! I have literal hearts in my eyes. It's amazing on you!!! What a fun, beautiful shower!!!! :) yay! I bet you're getting so excited she's only a few weeks away from being here!!


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