30 Weeks

Last week's appointment was the very first one that didn't end with the doctor saying that everything was great/wonderful/perfectly fine, and I realize how extremely fortunate that makes me, but it was still stressful to hear that my amniotic fluid was low. (The fact that I brought this on by not drinking enough water has brought me much shame and guilt, I promise.) SO, that was supposed to be remedied by drinking a ton of water this week, which I dutifully have (accompanied, obviously, by about ten million trips to the bathroom.)

I've been a very good girl and not had any soda at all outside a few sips from Jonathan's drinks- my only respite from water has been the occasional Powerade (which the doctor okayed.) That doesn't sound like a huge deal but I knew it would take something as drastic as having a child to get me off soda for more than a day or two. Oh, and it turns out that my preference for salty snacks over sweet has only ever been because of my soda drinking, because after about a day of water only I was craving all the sweets in the world! (Good thing I had already taken and passed my glucose test.)

After last week's appointment- 29 weeks.

I've already mentioned that I'm a terrible, incurable worrier (it's my besetting sin!) so given an actual problem to worry about, not just my usual hypothetical problems, made for a stressful week. I hate being this way but we all have our vices, I guess. The good news is that even though I was inwardly freaking out at any given moment, we did get quite a few things accomplished and purchased for the nursery! This included buying our crib and getting it set up, clearing out a ton of stuff in the nursery to be thrown away or stored elsewhere, AND having a friend at church find us a beautiful armchair-type glider and ottoman FOR FREE! Ah! The similar chair I looked at at Target was $300 (without the ottoman- nearly $400 with) so this was a huge steal. Even paying to rent a professional steamer will be practically nothing in comparison. Plus the chair so pretty- and pink! Yay!

And... praise the Lord... at my appointment today everything looked great! My fluid was way up (turns out when you drink your weight in water every day it makes a difference!) and the baby is fine. Also, last week she was turned in the ultrasound so we couldn't see her face but today she was facing the right way and we got a great look! She's so pretty! (I know, it's a blurry, watery image but she's beautiful. New mom bragging rights.) So, once again, all my worrying was for naught and maybe one day I'll learn how NOT to live from one nervous breakdown to the next. (Slight, but only slight, exaggeration. =)

Right before the appointment and "looking queasy" according to my sweet husband. He was right! Ha!

How far along: 30 weeks today!
How big is baby: 3.1 pounds and around 17 inches- she's tall and skinny like her daddy! =) 
Weight gain: eh, I'm feeling it a little more these days, mostly in my legs, but overall it hasn't been too much so I'm counting my blessings while also reminding myself that I still have two months to go. I'm thinking the soda ban will help in this area. But my ultrasound tech/best friend said I look "really good" so there's that. 
Sleeping: Pretty much, if I don't wake up 2-3 times to go to the bathroom (tmi?) then I'll sleep until about 6, go to the bathroom (ugh... sorry) and then maybe sleep for another hour and a half if I'm lucky. (More like if Jonathan's lucky since I tend to wake him up earlier than he prefers with my restlessness. Poor guy.) 

Food cravings: holy cow, all things sweet this week! Cookies, ice cream, shaved ice... have I mentioned I think I'm gaining weight? Ha! 
Food aversions: salad... a shame, right? I have been eating vegetables, don't worry... just not salad because ew.
Symptoms: I guess this isn't a symptom but any bending down at all requires quite a bit of creative maneuvering on my part. My charger fell behind the dresser the other day and I thought I might have to wait until Jonathan came home to get it back. 
Miss Anything?:  Sleeping through the night, which seems like a distant memory now. 
Doctor’s appointment: Wonderful! I'm so relieved that everything looks good and Alice is growing right on schedule.
Clothes: I just ordered a maxi skirt that I've been wanting for a while (reviews say it runs big and it has an elastic waist so my hopes are high) and this swing dress that's all over the internet right now... I got a tall for the extra length so we'll see! Old Navy had a great sale the other day so I got them both for a steal.
Movement: more than ever! I've recently started playing music (including this playlist) onto my belly through my headphones and she loves it! Lots of kicks and rolls and general merriment goes on in there- Jonathan insists she's dancing. =) 
Best moment of the week: Getting that awesome chair for free, buying our crib, and most importantly PASSING MY GLUCOSE TEST. Oh, and seeing Alice on the ultrasound today... it was the  first clear picture I've gotten of her face and it was so awesome. 
What I’m looking forward to: getting the nursery cleared out to the point that we can actually decorate AND my Texas baby shower which is next week!
What I did / Got for baby: bought the crib, set up the crib (well, Jonathan did), cleaned out the nursery, did a couple "crafty" things for the nursery. 
Prayer requests: As always, health and safety for the baby and for me... hopefully my fluid stays up and I don't get dried out again in this heat! Temps are going to be over 100 all through next week (yay!) so if you need me I'll probably be in the bathroom. (If only that were a joke.) 

Thanks for praying and for following along on this crazy adventure with us... only ten more weeks to go! Crazy!!


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  1. Cannot believe you got that chair for FREE!!!!! That's amazing! We want photos!!! ;) I'm so glad to hear everything is fine.


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