That's So Ashley...

Didn't you love That's So Raven? When I was in junior high I thought it would be wildly awesome to be able to freeze, and as a psychedelic swirl thingie zoomed into my eye, have a "vision" that would allow me to see into the future. (Also, I really just liked saying, "Yah nasty!" as often as possible. Come on, you know that was a funny show.) 

Well, I've never been psychic (unlike my other hero) but sometimes, you (or in this case, I) have a shopping moment that is just fortuitous... without even being aware of the greatness of a purchase, I find something that goes on to be super versatile, a color I am in love with, or just a favorite piece of mine. It's almost like looking into my style future, right? Such was the case with this scarf that I grabbed, pretty much on a whim, during a super-quick mall run during a road trip this summer.  (And, it was in Charlotte Russe of all places... not a store I frequent since a) I'm neither a teenager nor the size of one and b) my husband won't even step foot in one because the music gives him a headache, so he says.)

Anyway, of course it's been waay too hot for a fluffy infinity scarf but the temperature (thankfully, miraculously) dipped around here today I pulled this little gem out. And wouldn't you know it? It's just as for perfect for fall as I (in my infinite wisdom) pictured when I bought it back in the summer, and it even has my favorite fall color in it. So I was thrilled to be able to pull it out and wear it (you know, without sweating to death by mid-afternoon or justify wearing a scarf by keeping my classroom like the Arctic, which I'm sure my students just love.)

Cardigan: Old Navy
Loafers: Target
Scarf: Charlotte Russe

I just love all these colors and the print!

And, in the spirit of full disclosure...

...this is what my feet actually looked like for the majority of the day. Hey, teachers' feet hurt, you know? I'm certainly not above wearing my Dearfoams when I can get away with it. =)

My present self is thanking my prescient past self for having the foresight to buy this scarf. So, thank you, Self. You're a pretty smart cookie. (And you have the ability to sing the theme song of That's So Raven in its entirety, which is no small feat.)

Do you have a great buy that ended up being one of your favorites? Tell me all about it.


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  1. Oh my have I forgotten that "yah nasty" came from Raven?!?! haha!! Good times.

    And yes..thank you former Ashley for buying this's fantastic.

  2. As I read your post I couldnt help but sing, "That's so Raven, it's the future I can see..." But I will stop! ;) I too love grabbing a scarf, and then pairing it with a great outifit! Love yours, and of course your great bargain of a $3 dress! I'm such a sucker for good deals!

  3. I love your writing style and enjoy reading your posts. That's So Raven was an awesome show. The print mixing is great in this outfit and any girl that wears slippers most of the day is way cool in my book!

  4. Yay for scarf weather! Gah, I am so glad it's finally getting warm enough to wear them! Haha, and I love your slippers. I change into comfy shoes the second I get home too!

  5. You can wear slippers at work? No judging here, I'm totes jealous :) Love your scarf and all its colors!

    <3 Vicki

  6. Loooove that gorgeous scarf! Would love it if you could join us for our Monday Mingle fashion link up over at BonBon Rose Girls sometime! :)


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