Faking It...

I'm all about stretching your wardrobe and thinking outside the box (closet?) but I bought this top at Loft a while back that I've had the hardest time wearing simply because of its odd colors. The brownish tan isn't really brown or tan, so it looks wrong with khaki or brown. And the blue isn't really navy but it's not cobalt either, so cobalt looks dumb and denim doesn't work. (Am I really writing this much about the color of a sweater? Can we say "first world problems"?)

Anyway, after mostly ignoring the top (even though I really like it... it has an exposed zipper, after all!) or wearing it with things that left me dissatisfied, I had it out to wear on Sunday and suddenly had a brilliant realization that while no skirt in my closet was working, I did have a DRESS that might work and was, indeed, the very color I needed. I whipped it out, threw the top on over and... BAM. Fake skirt.

Top: Loft
Skirt (really a dress!): Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes: Target

Necklace: Loft Outlet (old)

And because no outfit is legit until it's filtered and 'grammed (with a selfie thrown in for good measure)...

The colors in this are unusual and not terribly exciting, but I am thrilled to have finally found something to wear with this top that actually matches! And speaking of the top, I really love the thickness and structure of it (I love high quality on clearance!) and with the ponte texture of the dress and suede shoes, I felt a little more interesting. Also, this necklace may have been the most random addition ever but every now and then I find a necklace hanging in my tangled assortment that hasn't seen the outside in a long time and I feel sorry for it so I wear it. (What, you don't personify your accessories? Okay then.) 

My only regret is that I'm not wearing heels but until my ship holding the precious cargo of new heels comes in I'll be sticking to my old man loafers, thank you very much. 

So have you ever faked an outfit before? Tell me and we can be sneaky together. =)


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  1. haha! I love your sneaky-ness! I think that's a cute top and when you mentioned it has an exposed zipper I was completely sold. Glad you found new way to wear it!

  2. No way, i thought that whole outfit was a dress! Those colors match perfectly! I have a red polka dot dress that is too big on the top, so I wear it with a black sweater over top and it looks like a cute dress/skirt combo - like magic ;)


  3. I love it! Super smart!
    Lauren from Modern Modesty


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