Thank You Note Friday

This week has felt like an eternity. Between car trouble, a baby on a nap strike, and my feeling sick for several days in a row (#notpregant) I am more than happy to say goodbye to this train wreck of a week and hello to the weekend. (Also Jonathan had to work two Saturday in a row which never happens so the fact that he's off tomorrow has me raising allllll the praise hands.)

ANYWAY, now that you've read my first-world, minor complaints, here's a little show of gratitude to balance things out. =)

-Thank you, Emily P. Freeman and the hope*writers, for giving me the push I needed to get my blog redesigned. I realize that it's still not the coolest blog on the block or anything, but it's exponentially better than it was before. A couple weeks ago I listened to a hope*writers webinar that Emily (I think of her as Emily P., like Junie B. ha!) hosted, and among the dozens of tidbits of information I wrote down, the one thing that kept tugging at me was just that no one wants to visit or get information from a hideous website. I know that that's probably a reflection of our superficial society but so be it. ("A sad commentary on our disintegrating society... know what I mean?" Name that movie and I'll give you a million dollars.) Anyway, I'm still thrilled by how much better things look here and I have Emily (P.) and the webinar to thank for it. 

-Thank you, At Home, for having cute baskets that don't cost a million dollars. Good grief, baskets are expensive! I just finished a little makeover of our laundry closet (which was a total eyesore and added insult to injury given it's located in the dining room of all places) so I've had my eye out for baskets. Seriously... most of the ones I've found (you'd think) must have been hand-woven by artisan monks in a mountain village somewhere and contain threads of pure gold. Otherwise why would a tiny little basket cost twenty bucks? (Yes, I'm insanely cheap. Don't judge me.) After a long and fruitless search, I stopped into At Home (which I sometimes avoid given its vast inventory that can feel overwhelming) and decided to ONLY look in the clearance aisle. BOOM! Just what I wanted and they were $3.50 each. You can't beat that! (Well, Jonathan would prefer free but let's be realistic.) I'll post pictures of the whole thing soon! I just love them!

-Thank you, Alice, for refusing your nap 75% of the time this week. I really enjoy the mood swings that accompany your lack of sleep. (But seriously, get it together or I might go crazy. Please, darling. Why are you doing this to your mother?? Can we just trade? I'll nap if you won't? Deal?) 

Same, girl. Same.

-Thank you, person who invited George H.W. Bush to flip the coin for the Super Bowl, for making such a great call. Can we just talk about the fact that besides being an insanely smart and successful President and First Lady he and his wife are now the cutest couple on the planet? I seriously want to weep whenever I see them. (Fun fact: they were at the matinee of Mary Poppins the afternoon before we saw it that night last year and it's probably a good thing we missed them because I might have had a run-in with the Secret Service in my attempt to get a picture/bear hug. I just really love them. 

"The toughest guy in the stadium tonight." #sobbing

-Thank you, Marco Rubio, for this. It's just bipartisan common sense, people. Act like grownups and stop being so hateful. Maybe then I can download my Twitter app again. 

-Thank you, lady who sat behind us at story time, for reprimanding your 3-year-old approximately once every seven seconds the entire time. Your kid wasn't all that distracting but you definitely were. #takeachillpill #itsnotacollegelecture #shutuuuuup 

-Thank you, Old Navy, for using Super Cash to lure me in and force me to buy things I DON'T NEED. (Not really; it's stuff Alice doesn't need. =) I guess that's not fair to say since she kind of always needs the next size up, but seriously... Super Cash is like some kind of wizardry. "Ah, I'm trying to save money right now. No shopping." "Super Cash? HOW CAN I AFFORD NOT TO?" I know, it's clever and tricky. And let's be honest... as long as Old Navy is making matching outfits for me and Alice, they can shut up and take my money. 

-Thank you, kind strangers who smile and wave back at Alice, for making her little social butterfly day. I have never seen a child so thrilled to be acknowledged by random cashiers before. (It's adorable, obviously.) 


-Thank you, spaghetti squash, for being delicious and carb-free. GAME CHANGER. Y'all. If you haven't had spaghetti squash please go get one. It's cheap and enormous and will feed your whole family. Since there are only three of us we had like a week's worth of leftovers. Alice loved it, I loved it, and Jonathan would eat garbage so of course he loved it because it was a significant step up from garbage. (Cut it in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds and pulp (ugh), brush with olive oil, salt and pepper, put open side down on a baking sheet and bake at 450 until it feels tender when you poke it with a fork. Mine took about an hour and fifteen minutes.) 

-Thank you, Sam's employee, for treating me like a complete moron when I asked for help with my car, not as a customer, but just as, you know, a human being pushing around another human being in  a stroller and looking slightly stressed out. It's fine... maybe you like making young moms cry. Ugh. Seriously though... every now and then I'll find myself in a situation where I have to approach a stranger for help and when my go-to sense of terror starts to kick in, I give myself the same pep talk every time, "This is ridiculous. You're 27 years old. They won't bite your head off. Most people are nice. It's no big deal." And then I have an encounter with a jerk like this and think, "Aaaand that's why I hate asking strangers for anything." 

-Thank you (sincerely, not sarcastically like the last one) to our friends who have bailed us out this week with help with our car. You da bomb. 

-Thank you, whoever made athleisure a thing. Lazy/awesome moms everywhere thank you. "Did I just work out? Am I on my way to the gym? I guess we'll never know." What I really sincerely love about this look (trend?) is that while it can look gym-ish it doesn't have to; it can just look sporty. I've found the trick is footwear. If you're wearing actual chunky athletic shoes then yes, you're going to look like you're on your way to Zumba (which is fine if that's what you're going for.) But some thinner sneakers and a piece of "real" clothing (like a cardigan or simple necklace) make it less "why yes my spin class was awesome today. Notice I'm shuffling because I can't feel my legs." (Another great look if that's indeed what you want to portray to the world.) Mostly I just like stretchy pants that don't cut into me when I get up and down with Alice for the nine millionth time a day. Win-win.  

90s, y'all. Also, don't judge me for having dirty shoes. Judge the mall for its dirty mirrors. And I need a tan, desperately. #casper

There ya go, everyone. It's Fri-YAY! Enjoy the weekend and treat yo self to something good. I like to really live it up so I'm thinking Costco samples. #fancy

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