My Fangirl Friend

There are a lot of different types of friends. Some people are your "let's chat during Bible study" friends or your "check out this sale!" friends (hi, Jen!) or your deep-talk friends or your philosophizing friends. And even though it's possible to bond over a short period of time, I really cherish those friendships that have had years to deepen. 

When the Foleys came to our church years ago, we quickly realized we were kindred old-movie spirits and hit it off immediately. And every time I come to Georgia, I love spending time with them-a part of my extended "church family" that reminds that this is "home." 

The best kind of friends kind of span the "categories" and that is Claire for me. We can talk about anything (and do) but most importantly she is my fangirl friend. She and I (and Rory) faithfully watched Psych "together" for years, texting quotes and reactions throughout. She and I FaceTimed after the finale (both weeping) and spent an hour analyzing it all. And whenever I need to gush about a book, show, movie, or character, she is my go-to for an always-satisfying level of enthusiasm. Plus she is adorably tender-hearted and tends to cry easily (which is endearing as well as funny.) 

Is it weird that one of my favorite people- and sweetest friends- is sixteen? Oh well. (I'm a little young for my age and she's very mature for hers, soooo.... it all evens out.) Tonight I'm just thankful for friends... old friends, sweet friends, friends who will cry with you while you watch your favorite show, friends you can text at any time with an emoji-filled message about a fictional character and receive an equally hysterical reply... friends like Claire, who is far too grown-up and responsible these days. (Can I say I'm proud? I had nothing to do with her turning out so well, but hey.)

Love to all my friends... and to Claire. On the alpine highway of life, you are my all-weather tires. =)


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