A Single Focus

My very talented dad wrote this poem and it was a huge blessing to me. It sometimes feels like there are a million and one things to focus on in life.... Church, marriage, family, kids, work, finances, health, hobbies... How do we zero on in any of them without neglecting the others? How do we choose what's important and what's not? 

I have been thinking about this very question for a while now, and the answer I've arrived at (in my infinite wisdom) is that the overarching, all-encompassing focus and priority for my life should always be pleasing Christ and growing in my relationship with him. As long as Jesus and I are okay, everything else will be too (eventually.) And how do I keep him first? By literally keeping him first... Choosing time with him before anything else in my day. 

Dad says it best... Be blessed! 

Lord Jesus, I just want to say,
That with the gift of one more day;
If it's the last one that I'll see,
Please make me what I ought to be.

I want my first thought of the day,
To be of You in every way;
I always want to seek Your face,
Before another I embrace.

Your Book, the first I want to read,
Your bidding first, I want to heed;
Your voice, the first I want to hear,
It's still and small and yet, so clear.

The words I speak first are for You,
So that I'll know just what to do;
For cleansing of my heart I'll ask,
So I'll be equal to the task.

And after that I'll ask for power,
For You to fill me every hour;
So through the week I'll speak to men,
And warn them of the price of sin.

The first deeds of the day will be,
The things that only count for Thee;
The first place that my feet will walk,
Will be that place where we can talk.

I do believe if this be true,
I put you first in all I do;
That every day you'll care for me,
Your hand I'll never fail to see.

Help me to live from day to day,
To one day hear You, Father say,
"Because you put Me first, my son,

I'm glad to have you home - well done!"


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