This is how I've felt lately.

My humblest apologies for my lack of blogging. I know it has left a gaping, ragged hole in your daily dose of sarcastic, leisurely reading material. (Not...) Anyway, I have not been intentionally neglecting my 3-8 (depending on the content) faithful followers. I have been insanely and terribly busy. School starts Monday, so last week (and part of the week before) was spent feverishly hanging clever sayings and inspirational quotes around my classroom and this week (in-service) has been spent in daily sessions regarding discipline, lesson plans, and other "teacher talk" that would bore the average person to death but that we educators (such a lofty title) find absolutely riveting. (Most of the time...)

Anyway, I won't continue to whine lament my lack of onesectositdownandbreathewithoutaddingtomytodolist way of life these days. (Especially since I'm afraid that anyone reading who has children will be tempted to slap me, considering I do get to  sleep through the night and all that jazz.) However, I will just leave you with these soon-coming topics (and teaser pics, just to create that cliff-hanger feeling.) If I don't get around to posting about all this, at least you'll know (to satisfy your insatiable curiosity) what's been going on in my life recently. (You're welcome.)

Our two-year anniversary trip to D.C. was a lovely, lovely time. (The whole trip was great, but my first visit to Maggiano's made it totally worth it.)

This is one "bulletin board" in my classroom... the theme is "Adventure is Out There" (because Up is one of the cutest movies ever and because I love Disney/Pixar and because I will never grow up.) Anyway, nothing inspires learning like a little Dr. Seuss wisdom and hand-made mountains/waterfalls. 

Finally, the cat has been let out of the bag and I can announce (for the two people who don't know yet) that my beautiful seester April is pregnant with Baby #2! Yay! (This one better be a boy!)

Even though she and Jakey did a stand-out job with Baby #1.
Cutest. picture. ever.

My other seester Amanda, along with Stevo and her ah-dorable children, came to visit this past weekend. We squeezed quite a lot of fun and frivolity and snort-worthy laughter into a short time. 

More on these events coming soon, promise! Until then, pray I don't kill myself fall asleep at the computer as I enter 43,286 hours of lesson plans. =) 

See... I don't always exaggerate!



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  2. Ashley please take time to read this comment because I am trying to put a lot of time and thought into what I want to say about your blog post. But you must read the entire comment in the Nacho voice- "O-K?"
    When I saw all those wonderful pictures of those beautiful people on your blog, I was thinking, "Surely I will get included in this blog." But as I read through the post my heart sank like a rock in agua. I thought I should give you(the writer) the benefit of the doubt. Like maybe she accidentally pressed 'delete' on my picture instead of 'enter' since the buttons are next to each other on the keyboard or maybe Jonathan was serving you a fresh mountain dew and it disrupted your train of thought - Yeah! Maybe that!'s a very Gracias for sharing your life with the eight of us out here in relative obscurity - ha ha ha...whatever! Love you seester!

    1. hahahaha I am laughing so hard. The only picture I had of all of us was really blurry! Let me try again. =)

  3. I love your UP movie theme for your classroom. Thank you for your bulletin board idea; I would love to see more and how you plan to beautify your room!


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