It's Friday, Friday...

     In case you don't know, my title is a tribute to that chart-topping, show-stopping (ear-splitting, groan-inducing) hit by Rebecca Black... "Friday". In case you haven't experience this horrifying "piece" of what is defined by some as entertainment, take a look at it sometime when you want to feel really good about yourself.  It's really an autotune wonder. I actually laughed aloud when I read a quote from some celebrity who listed it as a "guilty pleasure". I'm like, yeah, you're feeling guilty because of the brain cells you destroyed while you listened. If nothing else, it's good for a laugh, and my sister and I quote its insanely ridiculous lyrics to each other most Fridays. =)

   Ah, Friday. Although this day didn't start off too well- which I'll save for another post, perhaps... but let's just say that my class seemed to be having a contest to see who could come the closest to driving me insane. ("That's not a drive, it's a short put!" Sorry, just a little Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis humor... couldn't resist.) Anyway, after being at school until after eight o'clock almost every night this week (which was well worth it, since my classroom is now spring-y and totally devoid of snowflakes) and after the day I had, I was definitely ready to hit the road once I got rid of safely deposited my children to their parents.

Things started looking up rather quickly... on the way home, Jonathan informed me that we would be having a date at Chili's... yay! Am I the only person who is mad about their chips and salsa? (And by mad I mean crazy... I just love inserting Shakespearean language into everyday conversation.) I could eat Chili's chips and salsa just about every day and not get tired of it. I really wanted a molten lava cake too, but I hated to completely throw my diet out the window, especially since I am still using every possible excuse to eat my Valentine's candy. ("I'm sad... I need chocolate; I'm happy... let's celebrate with chocolate! Devin made an A on his spelling test; I'll reward him by eating some chocolate!" See my problem?) Still, the promise of a Chili's date was definitely a pick-me-up.

The best kind of pick-me-up is always a nap, am I right? Hence, I slept for about an hour (okay, it was two hours... don't judge me!) as soon as I got home, kicked off my shoes, and face-planted into bed. Now that is what I call refreshing. I woke up totally ready to feast on chips and salsa... and by feast I mean completely spoil my appetite for the entree. Which I do, every time, after reminding myself not to.

Chili's, as usual, did not disappoint. One of the best parts of going to Chili's here in Goldsboro is checking out the local "flavor" (and by flavor I mean fresh pickings from the loony bin). Wayne County crazies really are like none other, especially on Friday night. Here is one example from the waiting area: 

Apparently, she answered "Chili's in Goldsboro with my girls..." when asked the question "Where would be an appropriate place to wear knee-high metallic gladiators and a slutty revealing dress?" (which I tactfully refrained from photographing). This girl was ready to party! (And my husband says I really need to stop taking pictures of unsuspecting strangers... but I can't! It's too easy!)

After gorging myself on chips and salsa having a lovely dinner with Jonathan, a stop at Target was on the agenda. Now, let me say up front that anyone who knows me knows that I am slightly addicted to Target. I really have gotten better (as in, I go maybe once a week as opposed to 2-3 times). I can't really congratulate myself about that, though, since it's only because our Target is pretty much the bottom-dweller of all Target stores when it comes to their clothes. We don't even get about half the apparel that other Targets do. (Example: not one bit of the Jason Wu line that was released in February made its way here. I guess they figured that people like my homegirl at Chili's weren't interested in designer collections at affordable prices. I mean, that's why we have a Rainbow store, right?) Sorry, that was a mini-rant. 

Anyway, stopping at Target on a date is pretty much compulsory. Unfortunately, my husband does not ever usually feel compelled to purchase anything. But last night, I found a couple of great deals that he just couldn't pass up. One of them was this AWESOME scarf: 

I absolutely love the colors: hot pink, white, an aqua-green, camel/taupe, black, and a touch of neon yellow. I have been a little afraid of trying out the neon trend but it feels very doable in a few stripes like this. The best thing about this little number? It was $4.48. Yep! Plus, I had a "$3 off Merona apparel" coupon, which means I paid a grand total of $1.62 for this scarf. (I have a problem when it comes to clearance. The clothes just come to me. Honest!) 

Of course, I couldn't find the coupon right away, after bragging to Jonathan that of course I had remembered to bring it. So I found myself on the floor of the accessories department digging through my cavernous purse and finding every other possible Target coupon ($1 off Market Pantry item, anyone?) until I reached it at the bottom of my purse and triumphantly held it in the air like Charlie Bucket with his Golden Ticket. (It helped that the girl at the register loudly praised my deal-finding abilities and instructed my husband to "Keep her... she is such a good shopper!" (We're well acquainted, the Target cashiers and I.) I enthusiastically agreed. Sometimes guys have to be reminded that they are married to a real gem. (Ha!)

The day ended with what was supposed to be a movie night with our best friends. By supposed to be, I mean we just ended up talking for four hours and never actually got around to the movie. But that's just how we roll sometimes. Plus, there were chocolate chip cookies present. You can't beat a night of great conversation and some Pillsbury's. Who's with me?

Overall, it was a great Friday. Started off painful, slowly got better, ended up really great. Was it great enough to sing about? Oh yeah.

Happy weekend, everybody!



  1. the "weeeek"end!! bahaha - Thank you for putting this horrible song (or as my husband said, "wickedness") into my head semi-permanently!! My homegirl at Chili's - still laughing . . .

  2. So fun to read you! I see Ashley in every line;)

  3. Haha!!! I loved the part about your "cavernous purse":) I have many time been asked if I keep a small child in mine:) And to think that I only keep a few things in my monstrosity of a bag;) Love the blog! Cannot wait to keep reading:)

  4. Gonna get my bowl, gonna get cere"owl"...


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